Flower Show First-Look: Meadowbrook Farm “Backstage” Tours


This month, Meadowbrook Farm is offering two ways to get ready in the Springtime in Paris mindset. Think of them as appetizers before the main course!

French Wine Tasting & Tour
Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Join PHS and Meadowbrook Farm for a French wine tasting and tour of the greenhouses (where the plants are being grown for the Flower Show). France is home to some of the greatest wines on the planet, and the sommeliers from the Wine School of Philadelphia will share their expertise while guests taste samples from the major regions of the country, discuss important trends, and learn how best to pair these wines with food. Learn more and register here.

Flower Show Behind-the-Scenes Tour
Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Two sessions: 10 am – Noon & 1 – 3 pm

How do all those out-of-season plants bloom just in time for the Flower Show? It s a combination of art and science, and it has its joys and challenges. The magic happens at Meadowbrook Farm. Join John Story and Jessica Story as they lead tours through the greenhouses. See the plants before they become Flower Show displays, and learn the fascinating details of this amazing horticultural balancing act. Learn more and register here.

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