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Paris, Gone Plastic

February 22, 2011

Anyone with an interest in Paris will instantly recognize the magnificent Arc du Triomphe. But did you know that this 175-year-old monument is made entirely of plastic?

OK, fine, not really. But for the 2011 Flower Show, artist Michael Dee will recreate the famous landmark using recycled, reused, and virgin plastics. The environmentally minded display will proudly reside in the Grand Hall for all Show visitors to admire.

The one-of-a-kind sculpture comes courtesy of Plastics Make it Possible, an initiative sponsored by the plastics industries of the American Chemistry Council. Representatives will be at the Show providing tips on how consumers can recycle and reuse more of the plastics they encounter daily. The Council will also showcase how recycled plastics contribute to functional, stylish outdoor spaces through decking, vertical gardens, flower pots, bird houses, and furniture. Visit to learn more.

Once the Show concludes, the sculpture may live on as a display. Or it may be re-recycled locally. Either way it will not enter the waste stream. A win-win for the environment and a wonderful addition to the Flower Show!

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