Irish Primrose to Make Stateside Debut at Flower Show


The Flower Show is on the cutting edge when it comes to gardening, but sometimes the most modern things have origins that go far back in time.

This year our friends at Tourism Ireland are bringing Pat FitzGerald of FitzGerald Nurseries to the Flower Show. There they will unveil for American audiences the first in a series of “Kennedy Irish Primrose.”

Pat FitzGerald will speak at the Flower Show on Tuesday, March 8 at 4 pm in the Subaru Gardener’s Studio. He will share a bit about the primrose’s legacy in the Ireland—did you know eating primroses is said to enable you to see fairies?—as well as provide tips for how to grow them in your garden. Learn more here.

So if you’re a fan of all things Irish, remember to visit the Tourism Ireland exhibit (where there’s sure to be stunning stonework), purchase some charming primrose, and hear Pat FitzGerald of County Kilkenny speak at the Gardener’s Studio.

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One Response to “Irish Primrose to Make Stateside Debut at Flower Show”

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    […] fragrance is your focus, check out the violets and jasmine. And if you were intrigued by the Irish primrose mentioned here last week, take note: Meadowbrook is the only place on the Show floor to sell them. Thanks, Burpee Seed […]

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