Discover How the Flower Show Supports Greening & Gardening


Did you know the Flower Show is a fundraiser? It’s true. Proceeds, including ticket sales, support the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. PHS is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that’s been around since 1827. Although the organization has evolved through the decades, its mission is clear: PHS builds community and improves lives through horticulture.

When you visit the Flower Show, experience the PHS exhibit. Located near the PHS Shoppe and Meadowbrook Farm Store, the exhibit features four gardens that showcase celebrated PHS programs. You’ll see:

  • A peaceful pathway lined with trees in honor of the new Plant One Million tree-planting initiative that encompasses 13 counties,
  • A vegetable garden full of scrumptious veggies recognizing the PHS City Harvest program that helps to feed families in underserved communities,
  • A lush garden of trees and shrubs that have earned the PHS Gold Medal Award distinction. These plants are perfect for your garden!
  • A stately display that reflects the stunning landscapes managed by PHS along Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

In this part of the Show you’ll also discover the near-endless benefits of PHS membership. Along with free Flower Show tickets, discounts at gardens and retail centers, a fantastic partnership with Subaru, a bi-monthly gardening magazine, and much more, PHS membership most importantly supports a worthy cause.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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