Tips for First-Time Visitors


First time to the Philadelphia Flower Show? Well, you’re in for a treat. Don’t let 10 acres of gardening exhibits and shopping opportunities daunt you, the Flower Show is nothing if not fun.  Here are some tips to make the most of your experience.

  • Dress for the occasion. There’s a lot to see, so comfortable shoes are a must. I also recommend dressing in layers (it can get chilly). If you are travelling in a large group, consider wearing matching colors. I know a group of five sisters who always wear pink sweaters. Believe me, they never get lost in the crowd.
  • Take notes. A pen and paper are the two best things you can bring to the Show. I promise you’ll want to jot down the name of a certain plant species that wows you.
  • Identify yourself. If you are a PHS member, bring your Membership ID, which entitles you to discounts at the Flower Show Gift Shoppe and other outlets.
  • Plan the day. Check the schedule of events upon arrival. There are lectures, demonstrations, culinary displays, book signings and more that you don’t want to miss.
  • Make a mental shopping list. The Flower Show is a shopper’s paradise. Think ahead to spring and what you might want for the months ahead.  Throwing  a party? Planning a garden bed? Considering a new hobby? Redecorating a room?  Chances are the things you need can be found on the Show floor.
  • Charge your batteries. Have your cell phone fully charged and ready. This year we’re presenting an audio tour. Signage at the Show will explain how to call in and learn interesting tidbits about the exhibits.
  • Pace yourself. No need to race across the Show floor in a mad dash. Take it easy and take it all in. You’re gonna love it.


10 Responses to “Tips for First-Time Visitors”

  1. Jeannie Arnold Says:

    My sister is there with a group from Shippensburg Pa. I wish I could be there with the group as I know that they are having a great time. Have fun Neva.and wish I was there with you. Sighhhhhh!!! Jeannie

  2. Tiss McElmurry Says:

    What an amazing place this must be. I have the most wonderful auntie in the world and she happens to be RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!!!! Who would believe that you are safe and protected from the terrible weather surrounded by beautiful and tropical foliage, while those of us who live in Florida are shivering in our flip-flops. This has been typed with the coldest hands in the universe – Tiss

  3. Michelle Alberson Says:

    Hi Neva! Am glad I am NOT there! Toooo cold! Hope you enjoy the flowers though!

  4. simondayne Says:

    I’ve been at the Show all day and have yet to see Neva or your auntie, Tiss. I’m on my way back to the Show floor, however, so I’ll keep an eye out for both of them.

    And although the weather is far from perfect, Michelle, I gotta say, when you’re at the Flower Show you forget about what’s waiting outside.

    Thanks for commenting!

  5. Spike McElmurry Says:

    WOW, WHAT A GREAT PLACE TO BE!!!!! My specialest auntie Neva is there with you and some of her friends, and boy oh boy do I wish I were there too!!! I am a 6 year old deaf Boston Terrier, and I just KNOW I would be able to see and do and smell EVERYTHING. If you have any dirt after the show, please send it to Florida for me. Woofs and Snorgles and Snorts from me to you.

  6. Michele M Says:

    I just found this blog! I am going tomorrow and I simply cannot wait.

  7. Jeannie Arnold Says:

    Looks like everyone is looking for Neva. Who will find her first?
    First clue!!!! Libary, Shippensburg Pa. With all girl friends.
    Second clue! Has very jealous sister named Jeannie.
    Third clue. Spike the Boston is searching the site.

    Sighhhhhhhh. Now I’m jealous of you. But go and have a wonderful time. Is the world there????

  8. Michele M Says:

    Jeannie: I don’t know about the world, but I’m just aboout to burst with excitement to get there.

    I don’t even mind waking up at dawn to get there!

  9. Tiss McElmurry Says:

    And the Neva search continues!!!!! I just heard back from little Spikey boy and he is HOT ON THE TRAIL of his special treatie-girl. He has seen her in the Rome Piazza, the PNC Pavillion, and the Lost City of Atlantis. Neva is a sailor and he just KNEW he would find her there!!!!! But she had just left the area to go to the culinary demonstration. WHEW! She sure is on the move!!!!!

  10. Neva Says:

    I have been found. Thanks to all of you looking out for me at the show. And what a show. WOW. My first time there, but not my last. I had just ducked into the Composting seminar when you were first looking for me. Must of missed me again when I sat down to learn about beekeeping and Burpee had me tied up for a thyme.

    Seriously, this show is a must.

    Neva, aka Auntie

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