Groundswell Presents an Impressionist Canopy


What’s the secret to creating a memorable Flower Show exhibit? For one thing, you can’t be afraid to take risks. Look at this display from Groundswell Design Group (187 Lindbergh Road Hopewell, NJ) as proof. Even though they are Flower Show first-timers, they embraced the challenge in a big way and constructed this formal French alleé that is anything but traditional.

Groundswell’s David Fierabend says that a recent visit to France helped inspire his Flower Show debut, particularly when he journeyed to Giverny. The bridge in the exhibit is the exact shade of bluish-green of the bridges found in Monet’s paintings.

Flanking the walkway are stately rows of faux bois and stainless steel “trees,” with the canopy made of green living walls. Below, a serene pond with lilies. As David says, it was important to him to create an exhibit that had people looking up, down, over, across, and every direction imaginable.

Groundswell’s Monet’s Allee won the PNC People’s Choice Award for today, March 7. Vote for your favorite exhibit at


One Response to “Groundswell Presents an Impressionist Canopy”

  1. marlene spigner Says:

    photo doesn’t do justice to this display.. I was there on opening day (Sunday May 6) and this was fabulous.

    the whole show was better than ever and I go ‘most every year.

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