The Mind-Blowing Creativity of MODA Botanica


How do you top a 15-ton exhibit? Purchase paper.

You likely remember last year’s exhibit from MODA botanica (339 S. 13th St., Philadelphia, PA 19107), involving five metal shipping containers weighing a total of 15 tons. Well, for 2011 the dynamic team went in a different direction.

Soft lines and bright colors are dominant in this exhibit made entirely of paper! That’s right, the waist-high white design you see is paper fluting from molo design, calling to mind a Parisian accordion.

As for the flowers, there are 10,000 cut roses of yellow, green, and dusty lavender. The muted colors suddenly become quite vibrant when look at through—you guessed it—rose-colored glasses.

Thanks to MODA’s Armas Koehler and Bailey Hale for astonishing Flower Show guests year after year!


One Response to “The Mind-Blowing Creativity of MODA Botanica”

  1. Ken and Sandy Hale Says:

    The Moda Botanica team is a dynamic flower power duo. Congratulations to Bailey Hale and Armas Koehler on another exciting contribution to the Philadelphia Flower Show!

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