Hunter Hayes’ Outdoor Escape


Ever wonder why so many amazing artists come from France? It’s probably because the country is so beautiful it inspires its citizens to pick up a paintbrush! This handsome, immaculately manicured display from Hunter Hayes Landscape Design (102 Holland Avenue, Ardmore, PA 19003) proves this point.

The focus of this formal park is an allee of sycamores lining a raised cobblestone walkway to a Paris-esque fountain. Along the walkway and around the fountain, flowering cherry trees bloom in brilliant pink.

If you’re befuddled as to how such an impressive exhibit comes together, here’s a bit of behind-the-scenes insight:  “We built the whole runway in our shop on wood platforms, like tables, that we pushed together. In many ways it’s like a puzzle, and when we came to the Show we had to slide the pieces together,” says Lauren Hilburn of Hunter Hayes.

And who is the artist responsible for these masterpieces? That’d be Lauren’s mother: “She’s very talented, so I didn’t hesitate to put her to work!”

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