Make Your Garden Greener with Philly Water Dept. & the EPA


In Hall B, stop by the Philadelphia Water Department’s display (1101 Market St., 3rd floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107) to see a creative exhibit about using stormwater to make your garden even greener.

Working with Partners for the Delaware Estuary, the Water Department has designed a garden that uses storm run-off to water a special “rain garden” that sits in front of a quaint Parisian flower shop.

Adds PWD’s Lisa Wool, “The water runs off the roof, into downspouts, and is captured in a garden planter. After a few days, the water seeps into the soil , as opposed to entering and overflowing the sewers. ”

Nearby, at the U.S. EPA, Region III exhibit (1650 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA 19103), gardeners cerated a landscape full of native plants.

Says EPA’s Jeff Lapp, “We want to everyone to know about the many benefits of native plants and also how beautiful they are. We hope to educate visitors on the importance of forest ecosystems and motivate them to preserve and restore these areas in their own backyards.”

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