Jamie Rothstein Captures Paris’ Extravagance


The place and time: Paris 1875. This opulent parlor and exterior garden in the style of the Belle Époque is the creation of the endlessly imaginative Jamie Rothstein of Jamie Rothstein Distinctive Floral Designs Inc. (311 Cherry St., Philadelphia, PA 19106).

This exhibit is enhanced by antique floral arrangements made from objects such as seashells, wax, wool, paper, and muslin created by aristocratic women of that era. These delicate simulations of nature are contained in their original blown-glass domes.

Noted antique collector, writer, and speaker John Whitenight, the premiere authority on glass domes, and his partner Frederick LaValley have loaned a variety of examples from their collection of 19th century decorative arts. An adjoining formal French garden displays brightly colored parterres of flowers accented by antique statues depicting the four seasons.

Jamie’s opulent exhibit won the PNC People’s Choice Award one day earlier this week. You can vote for your favorite exhibit at theflowershow.com!


One Response to “Jamie Rothstein Captures Paris’ Extravagance”

  1. rosemary Says:

    this exhibit took my breathe away! just so gorgeous!!

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