Let’s Play “Find the Dodos”


For years, a friend of ours has kept his daughter engaged at the Flower Show by having her “Find the Dodos” — plants entered into competition by Mr. Samuel M. V. “Dodo” Hamilton. She quickly learned that she had to write down the plant names, too, to keep her dozens of “Dodos” straight.

Mrs. Hamilton’s entries, nurtured at her Wayne, PA, greenhouses, include plants ranging from modest pots of spring bulbs to huge topiaries entered in the “Venerables” competition of plants held by an exhibitor for 10 years or more. Her entries this year include the showstopper “Jane Pepper” orchid  (a medicine-ball-sized plant covered with tiny lavender flowers), a multi-level topiary known as “Big Bertha” among some show-goers, and dozens of amaryllis, orchids, azaleas, and other flowering plants. Mrs. Hamilton has also been a strong supporter of many greening projects in the Greater Philadelphia area.

This year our friend’s daughter is branching out — in addition to finding the Dodos, she finds the Barads (Dr. Gerald Barad, who specializes in cacti and succulents) and others. You can find the Dodos, too — and, you can also see Dodo herself, on the wide screen in the Horticort, talking about her love for plants and for the Flower Show.

– Laura Blanchard

One Response to “Let’s Play “Find the Dodos””

  1. Pamela Says:

    Is Mrs. Hamilton’s greenhouses open for tours? If so, who do I contact to arrange a tour for myself and a friend that attend the PHS Flower Show every year.

    Many THANKS,

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