Fashion Reigns at Beautiful Blooms Events


This box is filled with stunning yellow protea from South Africa. Wow!

Today is Saturday, meaning you are running out of time to visit (or re-visit) the Flower Show! This year is wall-to-wall beauty, as crowds are becoming wrapped up in the Beautiful Blooms Events (1011 N. Hancock St., No. 103, Philadelphia, PA 19123) exhibit, Boites des Fleurs a la Mode (Boxes of Fashionable Flowers).

This display pays homage to the French fashion designer Coco Channel. With a bigger space and a larger design in mind this year, Donna O’Brien and her team from Beautiful Blooms modeled the whole exhibit after a large Coco Chanel gift box that can be seen from an overhead perspective. Visitors are able to pass through the exhibit along a walkway that acts as the white ribbon of the larger box.

In the corners, the display features smaller boxes, covered in tweed and quilting, among many other Chanel textures. Blooming from within the boxes is a whimsical spread of pink and yellow flowers that give a feeling of springtime to the exhibit. Tropical proteas and orchids, along with carnations, leucadendrons and garden roses are the featured flowers and seem to be as fashionable to photograph as Coco Chanel designs. Donna O’Brian is excited to see what flowers people gravitate toward this year. And much like the work of the French icon that her exhibit is modeled after, O’Brien hopes that her display is both modern and fun.

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