Unique Vendors in the Marketplace, Part 2


Here are even more great Marketplace vendors. We wish we could profile them all; there’s so much cool stuff to be had!

Earth Saver Wind Sculpture (701)

Bud Scheffel, owner and operator of Earth Saver Wind Sculpture, is an artist based out of Shokan, NY, specializing in one-of-a-kind wind sculptures, suncatchers, and mobiles.  Inspired by nature and his extensive international travel (including Paris, Milan, Tokyo, and Japan!), a majority of Bud’s pieces are reclaimed or recycled materials.  With a background in math, physics, and advertising, Bud says that his comprehension of these fields as well as design helps him to create his sculptures.

You can find Earth Saver Wind Sculpture in booth 701 at the Show, or through his website.

Jerry Fritz Garden Design, Inc. (229)

Jerry Fritz of Linden Hill Gardens calls himself a landscape craftsman; with his extensive fan base, appearance on the Martha Stewart Show, and first-place prize at the Flower Show, we have to agree!  While Jerry featured an exhibit at the Show in 2000, this is his first year as a Marketplace vendor.  With extensive knowledge of gardening and landscaping, Jerry lectures and is the proprietor of Jerry Fritz Garden Design Inc.  Pictured here with his prized snow drops, Jerry can’t wait to come back next year!

Stop by booth 229 to pick up your snow drop, or head over to the Linden Hill Gardens website.

Trees Company (307)

Trees Co. is celebrating their 25th year at the Flower Show, featuring the unique metal works of self-taught artist, Rob Hagarty.  Working with two materials, copper clad steel wire and silver wire with gold enamel plating, Rob skillfully crafts each piece by hand in a variety of tree shapes and sizes, from 18 inches all the way to 60 inches!  The center of the photographed showcases Rob’s prized African Acacia tree sculpture.  Inspired by a photo his daughter took at an African safari, Rob duplicated the tree right down to the limbs chewed off by giraffes!

You’ll find Trees Co. in booth 307, but after the Show, check out their website.

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One Response to “Unique Vendors in the Marketplace, Part 2”

  1. Alisa Says:

    I missed Terrain this year! Also, any way to convince Logee’s Greenhouse to become a vendor?

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