Jacques Amand Beckons Spring with Beaucoup Bulbs


The Flower Show is almost over, but spring is just beginning!

Welcome the season with Jacques Amand, The Bulb Specialist, who offers an interpretation of the most famous French sculptures—including those of Rodin and Degas—in a homage created by Philadelphia sculptor Lisa Fedon.

Experience the first sign of spring with the fabulous scent and magnificent color of thousands of flowering bulbs. Only here can you see the largest selection of bulbs—some new, some rare—providing an aromatic, unforgettable experience.


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One Response to “Jacques Amand Beckons Spring with Beaucoup Bulbs”

  1. Chris Says:

    It is so nice to see support for bulb flowers in the US! So many of us only consider some bulb flowers for certain holidays and it is such a shame. What a beautiful exhibit. I also found a blog posting which talks about not just using Amaryllis at Christmas (http://www.flowermuse.com/blog/top10/), which is something I wish more people would consider. At least the Today Show on NBC is featuring a lot of amaryllis these days; maybe it will trickle down from there. Great post – thanks again. Chris.

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