Chef Rocco Lugrine’s Decadent Macaron Recipe


The mouth-watering confections of Chef Rocco Lugrine wowed Flower Show crowds. Now is your chance to test your culinary skills by trying this popular recipe at home. Whether you spell it macaron or macaroon, you’ll agree this is a tasty treat! 

Chocolate Macaron with Caramel Sea Salt Ganache

Chocolate Macaron

  • Whip 5.5 oz of egg whites with 3 oz of granulated sugar until firm peak
  • Sift together 10 oz powdered sugar, 5.5 oz almond flour, and 1.25 oz cocoa powder
  • Fold the sifted powders into the whipped egg whites until smooth
  • Pipe 1-inch onto a silicon-baking mat
  • Bake at 300F for 14-15 minutes

Caramel Sea Salt Ganache

  • Caramelize 7 oz of sugar
  • Add 13 oz of heavy whipping cream slowly, taking caution to prevent the caramel from seizing
  • Boil the caramel and pour over 15 oz of 64% dark chocolate and 9 oz of 38% milk chocolate
  • Make an emulsion
  • Pipe onto 1/2 of the macaron shells, then sandwich them together
  • Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt
  • Sandwich shells together and enjoy!

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