Kids Grow Expo: Inspiring the Next Generation of Gardeners


Now that the snowmen have melted away and the sleds have been put back in the shed, school children can look forward to the 2011 Kids Grow Expo, an event that celebrates the warmer temperatures and inspires students to enjoy the outdoors and help out in the garden.

Presented by the PHS, the Kids Grow Expo is a horticultural exhibition for school-age children in the Greater Philadelphia Region that fosters awareness of horticulture and the environment and encourages their active participation in growing and gardening.

As part of the Temple University Ambler EarthFest, this free event is the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day…and Arbor Day!

After all, the Kids Grow Expo theme for 2011 is “Magical, Mystical Trees,” which will intrigue and inspire through projects pertaining to the famous trees of folklore and fairy tales.

So mark your calendar for this year’s Kids Grow Expo event on April 29 from 9:30 am to 2 pm. Your kid may be the next budding horticulturist waiting to bloom! For more information from PHS about the event, click here or visit the EarthFest Kids Grow Expo page.

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