Answer the Green Scene Quick Question!


With the growing season well underway, the editors of Green Scene are pining to hear from YOU, the greenest readers around! All you have to do is answer the Green Scene Quick Question:

How does your garden reflect your personality?

Select answers will be featured in an upcoming issue. Creativity and originality count, so don’t be shy! Answers must be 25 words or fewer and can be posted as a comment to this very post!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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9 Responses to “Answer the Green Scene Quick Question!”

  1. Sally McCabe Says:

    I garden like I dance–badly, but enthusiastically and with total abandon .

  2. Liz Says:

    My garden reflects my personality because it attempts to be organized, but ends up being a little messy. And it is nothing without my friends who help me grow, because it is a part of a lovely community garden.

  3. Antoinette Marie Says:

    I tend to 3 community gardens, and have my own backyard (or cement patch), while also a few raised beds in a City owned lot on my block. The gardens I work in reflect me by showing my community involvement, working with others to make a space work for the communities needs. For example, we’ve worked for the last two years to revitalize the concert garden, to hold community related events in it. This helps the neighborhood figure out spacial needs, so that when people want to BBQ or celebrate a birthday, they don’t have to organize a block party. The concert garden serves as a community based green space for anyone to rent at a lower cost than the block party permit, with shade, water for summer cooling games, and so much more.
    My personal yard reflects me in that I finally get a space where I can dictate exactly how it looks, versus the volunteer spaces that often have the input of so many members from kids to adults. I have potato vines, eucalyptus trees, herbs and more growing in a beautiful raised bed that my fiance built, with lots of container gardens to accent the space, and take your eyes away from the oh-so-prevalent south philly cement slab.
    Thanks for asking, and keep up the great work at PHS, supporting gardeners like us!

  4. Antoinette Marie Says:

    It would be really neat to share photos, with other enthusiastic gardeners. I could help ya’ll find existing, cheap or free technologies to do so! Cheers!

  5. Elizabeth Gutman Says:

    I can’t recycle my age, but I can recyle plants! I grow from seeds given out at the Flower Show, and I compost and deadhead. So I am not a deadbeat!

  6. Catherine Says:

    part of my garden in intensely productive with various herbs, cherry tomatoes and a large bed of basil. Part of my garden in a relaxed shady garden. Its just like me – intensely productive part of the time and relaxed at other times.

  7. amelia Says:

    My Philadelphia rowhome has a small postage stamp front yard garden filled with mostly native shade-loving perennials. I welcome spring with some cheerful bulbs and keep it neat, but overall, is very low-maintenance. My porch flowerbox is filled with colorful annuals and each year I try to come up with a new color combo – still low maintenance, but can be a bit splashy.
    I hadn’t thought about this question before, so I guess my garden reflects my fairly structured and consistent approach, while allowing for some spontaneity and creativity.

  8. Fia Feller Says:

    My garden is disorganized, messy, and hardworking…hmmm sounds like someone I know.

  9. Keith Says:

    Laid back and low maintenance. It’s a gravel garden with potted plants

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