Gardening Tips for Late Summer


Each season has its merits and late summer is no exception. While not as showy as springtime, August and September offer a host of rewarding gardening work that produces both beauty and bounty. Here are some tips from the staff at Meadowbrook Farm.

  • August is ideal for deadheading annuals and perennials. If they look worn out and straggly, cut back severely.
  • It may sound cruel, but cut dahlias while they’re in full bloom, preferably in the early morning. Slice stems diagonally and place the flowers in a vase for your indoor enjoyment.
  • If your cucumbers or squash are finished for the season, remove the vines from the garden. Otherwise they’ll get moldy and who wants that?
  • When September arrives, bring any container plants inside the house. Be sparing with fertilizer and don’t be alarmed by a bit of leaf drop—it’s perfectly normal.
  • Pick up bags of bulbs from Meadowbrook and get them in the ground. Daffodils need more time to establish roots, so plant them first. Tulips, on the other hand, can wait a while.
  • If you neglected your pruning duties, either do it in late fall or wait until spring. !

For more garden guidance, visit Meadowbrook Farm. And you can monitor the growth of this year’s monster pumpkins on Facebook. Can we beat last year’s record of 667 pounds?


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