Sam’s Hawaiian Odyssey: Making Waves


Surfs up, Flower Show fans! The next leg of my Hawaiian adventure brought me to the North Shore, known as the surfing mecca of the world.  The beaches of the North Shore stretch for nearly seven miles, and many world-class surfing competitions are held there every year. During the winter months, the waves are known to reach heights of more than 30 feet, making the North Shore the perfect place for thrill-seekers.

Don’t be put off by the giant waves if surfing’s not your thing though. During the summer months the waves become calm, making the beach a picturesque spot for swimming and sunbathing. Many television shows and movies have been shot at the North Shore, including Baywatch, Blue Crush, and Lost.

Surfing and Hawaii go hand-in-hand, and the Flower Show will certainly depict this ever-popular sport. In fact, I know Burke Brothers Landscape Contractors (a reliable crowd pleaser if there ever was one) are preparing a surf scene for its exhibit. Imagine business people exchanging their briefcases for board shorts and you get the general concept!

I’d love to hear your suggestions as to how to depict surf culture at the Flower Show; let me hear it in the comments section!

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