“Strange Beauties” at the McLean Library


Crassula pellucida

Sigh. Do you miss the good old days, when men were men, women were women, and horticultural societies hosted exclusive get-togethers at which charmingly eccentric Victorian plant collectors and enthusiasts would display their most exotic specimens before an equally eccentric audience of their monocle-wearing, mustachioed peers?

Of course you do. Who doesn’t? That’s why PHS is hosting “Strange Beauties,” its first plant exhibit at the McLean Library (20th and Arch Streets). Harkening to PHS’s history of mounting small exhibits—such as orchid, bulb, and rose shows during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries—the focus of the show will be the strange beauty of succulents—cacti, sedums, and sempervivums alike.

The exhibit will showcase exotic succulents from around the world, from Mexico to Madagascar, many of which are currently being grown by the horticulture experts at Meadowbrook Farm. Visitors will learn how to grow and care for their own succulents, and will be able to see examples of typical “green roof” plants in outdoor containers by the entrance.

The first in a series of similar plant exhibits to come, the show will start on October 31 (Halloween!) and run through December 1. For more information, call 215-988-8872 or send an email here.

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