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How to Light Your Christmas Tree – Tips from a Professional Decorator

December 21, 2011

Flower Show exhibitor Daniel Krall of Celebrations Design Group shared some tips for the best way to light a Christmas tree. Read on for some good ideas:

“Foremost, always illuminate your tree with the lights plugged in. This gives you the best sense of your light coverage. Start at the bottom of the tree and work your lights in to the center trunk, in and out of each branch.

Do not wrap the lights in a circular fashion just on the outer branches. Lighting the full branch, all the way to the trunk, will give your tree additional depth and allow the ornaments to be appreciated in a more festive fashion.”

There you have it. Still in search of that perfect Christmas tree? Meadowbrook Farm has Douglas and Fraser firs galore for you to browse through, as well as a broad selection of greens and garlands to spruce up your railings and mantelpieces. These, as well as poinsettias, are 50 percent off as of today.

Thanks for the tips, Daniel, and happy holidays one and all!

J. Downend Prepares Pearl Harbor Memorial for 2012 Show

December 14, 2011

With December 7 marking the 70th anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor, J. Downend Landscaping has been in the news for its in-the-works Flower Show exhibit that will commemorate the “date which will live in infamy.”

According to the article, “[Tom Morris’s] scaled-down re-creation of the USS Arizona Memorial will be a heady mix of patriotism, tragedy, and floral beauty. The construction will be floating in a pond inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center, surrounded by royal palms, fragrant plumeria, and white peace lilies.” Read the full story here.

Pretty amazing. To read more about J. Downend Landscaping’s thought-provoking piece, dubbed “Remembrance,” check out this article in the Delaware County Daily Times.

PHS Annual Report Recaps a “Magnifique” Paris Show!

December 7, 2011

PHS’s Annual Report for 2011 is now available online—and what a year it’s been! Just a quick glance through the report reveals how much PHS has managed to accomplish in a year, from an amazing Flower Show that transported visitors to a beautiful Springtime in Paris to the spectacular success of the Pop Up Garden at 20th and Market streets.

The report highlights PHS’s education programs—such as Tree Tenders and Garden Tenders—greening initiatives—such as Plant One Million and City Harvest—and, of course, our contributors! If you’ve contributed to PHS in the past year, we want to thank you, so page through the report to see your name in print. We couldn’t do it without you!

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