Beach Bums Welcome at Hunter Hayes Exhibit


Lauren Hilburn of Hunter Hayes Landscape Design wrote to us about the exhibit she and the team are prepping for the 2012 Hawaii-themed Show. Find out how an old car, orange bike, and pineapple plants will come together to create a laidback landscape!

“Our exhibit is called: “A Personal Paradise.”  As always, we like to ‘keep it real’ with our exhibits as to appeal to the potential client! We are creating a courtyard setting this year, complete with a 1974 vintage Subaru wagon parked in an entrance driveway! Subaru is graciously lending us this car, which I love! It is a funky looking teal-green wagon that is sure to set the mood.

From the driveway entrance we will have raised gardens retained in lava rock, stepping up through a courtyard style entrance of freestanding walls on either side. The walls will be ‘living walls’ (plants on the outside surface) and will also include a lit feature using a glass block insert—so exciting!

Through the courtyard entrance is the ‘yard space’ with a patio and raised gardens on the exterior of the exhibit, creating a ‘sunken’ feel. Again the interior courtyard gardens will be retained with lava rocks and feature brightly colored flowers and foliage, both tropical and regional to our area. We will have tall palm trees, pineapple plants (with pineapples), orchids, bromeliads, as well as scotch broom, yucca, cypress and other plants that will survive in our area of the country.

We are partnering with a local skate/surf/snowboard shop in West Chester called Fairman’s who is graciously lending us surfboards and other items to display. They also put us in touch with local surfboard shapers who want to shape us a custom board for the Show. We are also fortunate to partner with Hampton Cruiser a bicycle company in NJ that makes beach cruiser bikes! They are lending us a sweet bright-orange beach cruiser bicycle; I’m tempted to buy it post-Show.

I really want the feel of this exhibit to be “fun, living life, and loving life”—pursuing things that make you happy and coming home to a place that makes you happy. This exhibit will represent your personal paradise, be it in Hawaii or right here in the Philadelphia suburbs! With a little imagination and fun we hope to inspire the beach bum in all of us!”

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