Cuckoo for Kukui!


Here’s some insider knowledge for those who can’t wait for the Flower Show!

When you come to the Pennsylvania Convention Center, take a look at the leis worn by PHS staff.

Don’t expect pastel colors because these leis aren’t made from flowers. Instead you’ll be looking at the kukui nut.

Here is a photo of Aleurites moluccana in nature. Its native range is impossible to establish precisely because of early spread by humans, and the tree is now distributed throughout the New and Old World tropics.

It grows to a height of 49–82 ft, with wide-spreading or pendulous branches. The nut is round, 1.6–2.4 inches in diameter; the seed inside has a very hard seed coat and a high oil content, which can be used in candle-making.

Because the oil can burn for hours, the nut carries a spiritual meaning of light, hope, and renewal.

According to some sources we uncovered, the oil of the kukui nut has also been used medicinally by Hawaiians to help treat asthma, stomach aches, and swelling. It can also serve as tattoo dye.

A tiny nut sure can do a lot! Look for kukui necklaces when you come to the Flower Show.

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2 Responses to “Cuckoo for Kukui!”

  1. lorraine kralovich Says:

    This was all very interesting reading. Thank you!

  2. Flower Show Blog Offers Insider Info « PHS Online Says:

    […] Kukui Nuts Set the Tone for Flower Show Fashion […]

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