Behind the Scenes at Pele’s Garden


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The likely highlight of this year’s Central Feature—Pele’s Garden—will whisk you away from chilly Philly to a tropical paradise with a mind-blowing, multi-dimensional sensory experience created by Klip TV, a cutting edge Philadelphia-based film and video special-effects shop.

Klip TV’s unique technology has been in high demand with several high-profile installations. The technology allows Klip to turn any surface into “a video canvas without distortion and with seamless integration.” Seriously, check out the videos on their website, you’ll be amazed.

For the Flower Show, Klip has turned the peaked roof of a standard-looking thatched hut into a presentation screen. The neighboring performance stage will allow live actors to interact with the images projected on the roof.

Pele’s Garden is named for Pele, the goddess of fire, lightning, wind, and volcanoes in ancient Hawaiian mythology. So who knows what may show up on the screen; I’d be ready for anything!

Many surprises await, but to give you a glimpse of how it all comes together, Sam Lemheney, Show designer, and Gary Radin of GMR Design visited the studios of Klip TV and brought back the behind-the-scenes photos above to share with you!

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