A Very Special Sprout Snack at the Show


With towering displays and colorful flowers, the Flower Show is a wonderland for kids of all ages. But this year we’re offering up something extra special for the preschool set…a Sprout Snack!

On Sunday, March 11, from 3:45 to 5:15 pm, join beloved characters from the PBS Kids Sprout Television network. These VIPs of the playground include Kelly from The Sunny Side Up Show, the Pajanimals, and the Berenstain Bears.

As you and your family enjoy a mid-day snack, the friends from Sprout will join you at your table to chat, sign autographs, and pose for pictures—and every family will be given a goody bag! Click here to purchase tickets to the Sprout Snack.

Enjoy this and a variety of other family-oriented activities in the Einstein Healthcare Network Family Lounge (room 203), powered by Sprout. Children can create crafty projects, play with toys, put on a puppet show, or watch their favorite movies. Sprout’s Super Why and Wonder Red will make an appearance each day.

The Lounge is open all week from 10 am to 5 pm; parents must accompany children. Be sure to take advantage of the Family Fun Ticket Pak to get the most out of your visit!

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4 Responses to “A Very Special Sprout Snack at the Show”

  1. The Flower Show is Now Open! « PHS Online Says:

    […] Bring the Kids to a Yummy, Fun Sprout Snack […]

  2. Mark Trimmer Says:

    The Sprout Snack is a really great idea and getting parents and young children involved at an early age. This is one of the many great thing PHS does for the community. I am just interested in who is with the children? How did you vet these individuals? Are they trust-able do they come from a local agency? Where background checks done? How did you chose? Are they volunteers? Would a local agency have been better suited and be responsible? Just wondering if the PHS is about sharing or providing local business with opportunities to offer their services free of charge to PHS??? Philadelphia is lucky in the sense that the city has one of the leading best agency’s in the entire nation, based right smack dab in Center City, and their staff is of the highest caliber. Plus they are a Bonded service. Next year I am sure they would be happy to volunteer their agency’s services for free. And this would eliminated all the above questions almost every parent is going to ask when they show up. Too many terrible stories lately of random child molestation cases to take a chance. PHS has an excellent reputation lets keep it that way. keep up great work.

    • Daniel Says:

      The Sprout Snack is meant for children AND their parents/guardians. Same with the Family Lounge, parents are to accompany their children at all times. Thanks.

      • Mark Trimmer Says:

        Daniel, that is awesome and great news I just worried due to all the cases of child abuse and or neglect and the reputation of the prestigious to Flower Show. And besides having spoken to the owner of YOUR OTHER HANDS who is herself a member of PHS would have been delighted to offer free quality teachers to work with parents guardians and the such. Might be good thing for both parties just thinking of business in Philadelphia. She runs a great business and is nationally known, that is why I had the suggestion.
        Sincere Best Wishes to you and the show,
        Mark Trimmer

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