J. Downend Co. Preps Pearl Harbor Tribute


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As you make your list of can’t-miss exhibits at the 2012 Show, be sure to include the touching tribute to Pearl Harbor prepared by J. Downend Landscaping Co. It’s been a long journey to Show Week, which started with a visit to Hawaii.

Tom Morris of Downend says, “When people talk about Hawaii, you will often hear them speak of the ‘Aloha Spirit.’ My trip to Hawaii gave me the opportunity to experience this first-hand. The people of Hawaii welcomed my family and me with such accommodating graciousness in every aspect of our travels.”

This warmth was especially apparent at the USS Arizona Memorial, where Tom spent two hours chatting with—and learning from—an extraordinary Park Ranger named Alycia.

Tom also went to Florida with members of the PHS staff and other Show exhibitors. There the group toured nurseries that force Flower Show plants and shared stories about the growing/landscaping industry.

Tom says, “It is impossible to put these gardens together without the willingness of our suppliers to go to extreme measures to assure we have the best materials…Our displays are much more than any one individual’s effort but a realization of our company and supporters as a whole.”

If you want to learn more about this moving display, titled “Remembrance,” pay a visit to the J. Downend Facebook page. There you’ll find a photo gallery of plants being used in the 2012 exhibit, photos from Tom’s trip to Hawaii, and updates on setting up at the Convention Center.

One Response to “J. Downend Co. Preps Pearl Harbor Tribute”

  1. lbphilly Says:

    Looking forward to seeing this moving tribute!

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