Through Laura’s Lens: Seeds at the Marketplace


Scratch a gardener, find a seed catalog enthusiast. And visiting the Flower Show Marketplace is like walking through some of your favorite seed catalogs. Here are shots of just a few of the colorful seed displays from past years. Look for these and others at the 2012 Flower Show.

The Seed Source

A wide variety of seeds from specialty growers at The Seed Source.

THE SEED SOURCE: These folks carry seeds from a number of specialty houses, including Thompson & Morgan, Renee’s Garden, and Franchi, to name just a few. For the gardener looking for something a little out of the ordinary, this is a must-see.

Hudson Valley Seed Library

Heirloom seeds in collectible packets from the Hudson Valley Seed Library

This is a keepsake with a good cause!

HUDSON VALLEY SEED LIBRARY sells more than 150 varieties of heirloom seeds, packaged in beautiful, re-closeable works of art. I will confess that I bought their rainbow chard because I coveted the seed packet.

For 2012, Hudson Valley created a special Hawaii-themed hibiscus seed packet in partnership with PHS. For each seed packet purchased, Hudson Valley will donate a packet of heirloom vegetable seeds to PHS’s City Harvest program. If you can’t wait for the Show, the seeds can be purchased online.

D. Landreth Seed Company

D. Landreth carries all kinds of seeds, including seed potatoes.

D. LANDRETH SEED COMPANY is one of the oldest names in the American seed trade, dating back to 1780, when David Landreth sold his seeds to Washington, Jefferson, and other notables. The Landreths were also among the founders of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. And the booth is possibly the only place in the Marketplace to buy seed potatoes.

Make sure to budget time to visit the Marketplace and shop at its more than 180 displays. Click here for the complete list of Marketplace vendors.

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