Through Laura’s Lens: Hawaii: Islands of…Mulch???


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Ah, mulch. The smell of it hits you the minute you enter the Convention Center during set-up week. The Flower Show runs on mulch, enough to fill three Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Much like the Hawaiian Islands rising from the Pacific, the mountains of mulch rise from the Show floor. You have to see it—and smell it—to believe it.

Beyond mulch, there are pavers—millions of pounds of pavers, all supplied by E. P. Henry. Did you ever wonder how all that rock gets on to the Flower Show floor? Through huge doors in big trucks, that’s how!

Photo of a dump truck unloading rock in the Convention Center

Once the rocks are dumped, they are distributed across the Show floor by a fleet of fork lifts. Visit the exhibit of E. P. Henry, a Flower Show sponsor, to see the many ways hardscaping can help you achieve your own backyard paradise. You can find details about the exhibit — and much more — by getting the new Flower Show app.

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