Hawaii Reps Bring Authenticity to Philly Show


Five Hawaii horticultural organizations have joined forces to create an exhibit that features the best of Hawaii’s flowers and foliage.

The Hawaii Tropical Flower Council (HTFC), Hawaii Floriculture and Nursery Association (HFNA), Hawaii Florists and Shipper’s Association (HFSA), Hawaii Export Nursery Association (HENA), and the Orchid Growers of Hawaii (OGOH) are co-sponsoring a display called, “Hawaii’s Flowers, Tropical Plants and Orchids,” which will feature between 600 to 700 species of anthuriums, cut flowers, foliage, large tropical palms, dracaenas, and stunning orchids shipped directly from the islands to the Show.

“A global stage of this magnitude is a wonderful opportunity to showcase many of the amazing growers, shipping services, unique products, and natural beauty that’s abundant in Hawaii,” says Neill Sams, designer of the exhibit. “I’m so excited to design and manage this unique and influential project.”

In the center of the exhibit are two waterfalls created from naturally hollowed driftwood logs that Sams harvested from the beaches of Kauai. The 15-foot logs were painstakingly cleaned and prepared for the exhibit, then sent 6,000 miles to the Convention Center.

The exhibit promises to be one of the highlights of the Show, as it reflects the collaborative effort of these horticultural experts, combined with Sams’ design vision, into one authentically Hawaiian experience.

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