Flower Show Exhibitors Encourage Relaxation & Creation


Each exhibit at the Flower Show offers something distinct, but here are two that focus on fun!

The tranquil lagoon by Burke Brothers lures the viewer in with its inviting lounge and sandy shores. Called an “executive surfer’s retreat,” the designers want you to imagine that a busy executive has taken a moment away from his stressful life to enjoy a relaxing afternoon surfing.

The white sand that blankets this exhibit does more than evoke the beach theme; designer Vivianne Englund-Callahan said, “The sand really makes the color of the plants pop, more so than dark mulch.”

When you’re there, be sure to enter the raffle to win the executive’s surfboard!

On the other side of the PHS Gift Shop you’ll find the interactive MODA botanica display. This incredibly colorful exhibit was inspired by the “crazy patterns of Hawaiian shirts,” says Bailey Hall, who co-designed the exhibit with Armas Koehler.

Constructed of hanging, stacked translucent panels decorated with flowers and greenery, the display invites visitors to turn cranks to move the panels and create their own “lauana,” or flower patterns. Don’t be shy; try it!

“At the center of the display is a fun tablescape, an example of what we can do in party and event planning, from extreme to playful,” said Bailey.

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