Exhibit Showcase: It’s All in the Details!


Check out the vintage Subaru at the Hunter Hayes exhibit.

With everything to see and do at the Show this year, sometimes the small details get passed by. We spoke with two exhibitors to discuss the finer points of their massive displays.

First up is the exhibit from Hunter Hayes Landscape Design, called A Personal Paradise. Since Hunter Hayes is known for designing and building home gardens, the exhibit is a tropical interpretation of a patio and driveway. It features stonework with lava rock and a plethora of beautiful tropical plants.

Lauren Hilburn of Hunter Hayes says the exhibit is all about pushing limits: “We created these walls that are adorned with plants and strategically lit. It isn’t something that we had done before, but it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be done for someone’s property. Why not, right?”

Lauren goes on to say that the Hunter Hayes exhibit is meant to convey a balanced approach to a tropical garden. She tells us, “I wanted people to realize that this doesn’t have to be a Hawaiian setting; we included some plants that would survive our local climate, such as yuccas and cypress.We try to go a little more realistic, but be a little showy too.”

One of her favorite plants in the exhibit is the Kangaroo Paw. Look out for this quirky plant in the Hunter Hayes exhibit when you come to the Show!

Another perspective on this year’s theme comes from the Camden Children’s Garden exhibit, A Child’s Tropical Adventure.

Michael Devlin, executive director of the CCG, pointed out the emphasis on edible plants in the display, which is due to the CCG’s mission to bring community gardens and fresh food to Camden. This exhibit boasts fig trees, pineapple plants, and more.

The exhibit is interactive and fun for kids, featuring a tunnel made of natural materials, drums for the kids to play, and fun features that everyone will love—kids and adults alike.

Vidal Rivera, a part of the Youth Program at the Camden Children’s Garden, reveals that the over-size ant sculptures are made of recycled car parts, and the technicolor ladybug fashioned out of a hard hat! (Click on the photo for a closer look!)

Be sure to visit the real Camden Children’s Garden this spring!

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  2. Tracy Tomchik Says:

    Thank You so much for the amazing article about our details in recycling household items for garden décor! To read more about the Camden Children’s Garden at the Flower Show, visit:
    Also, get social with the Garden on the FRESH BLOG! http://camdenchildrensgarden.wordpress.com/fresh-blog

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