Through Laura’s Lens: When Looking is Learning


Please join the Flower Show in welcoming two new exhibitors who showcase ways to build healthy soil, strong plants, and vibrant communities.

Picture of America in Bloom  exhibit

America in Bloom shows how tropicals can pack a visual wallop in a small space, adding zing to the urban landscape.

America in Bloom
Planting Pride: Growing Great Communities

Even in an island paradise like Hawaii, great communities don’t just happen. It takes a great deal of thought and tender loving care to create a sense of place. There’s no better way to communicate life and vitality than through beautiful plantings.

That’s why more landscape architects are creating the “wow” factor by placing bold tropical foliage in urban settings, even in northern climates. Colorful annuals communicate color at eye level in hanging baskets and planters. The backdrop may be green and serene or gray concrete, but color commands attention. America in Bloom brings communities to life by demonstrating the social and economic benefits of plants.

Picture of compost ingredients

Put compost on the menu for healthy plants---F2 will show you how to make tasty compost tea (tasty if you're a plant, that is!)

F2 Environmental Design
Science of Organic Land Care for the 21st Century
There is an underground revolution spreading in how we maintain our landscapes. It is occurring in the soil and it involves bacteria, fungi, microbes, and roots, which are now encouraged by compost and liquid biological amendments, rather than vast amounts of high-nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides. F2 Environmental Design’s landscape design and management techniques focus on encouraging the natural nutrient cycling systems and growth patterns of the plant environment.

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2 Responses to “Through Laura’s Lens: When Looking is Learning”

  1. Faye Geiser Says:

    I am trying to reach someone to find out what happened to the DVD I paid for at the 2012 show. It was to be shipped as of 3/9/12. I have not received it yet. I have recieved my card statement and do not want to pay it until I know I will get my DVD. It was paid for by my Discver 3/5/12 Please get back to me.
    I have been trying to find an answer by phone but no way to reach you.
    Faye Geiser tran. 572056036529738

    • Daniel Says:

      Hi, Faye. I’ve passed on your information to the person in charge of DVDs. Expect to hear an answer soon. Thanks!

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