Through Laura’s Lens: Not the Light at the End of the Tunnel


Serendipity sometimes leads to beautiful photos at the Flower Show. The stars certainly aligned when I stood at one side of the Jacques Amand exhibit, which had a winding path surrounded by spring bulbs. At the opposite end was the Kepich & Associates exhibit, a woodland setting filled with azaleas and rhododendrons.

From this perspective, it’s difficult to tell where the one exhibit ends and the next one begins. And with creative cropping, you almost forget this photo was taken indoors!

Take a walk through the spring-flowering bulbs to reach the azaleas and rhododendrons

Other times, the juxtapositions are more surreal. Take this picture of Abraham Lincoln High School’s imaginative re-creation of a subway station. Uh-oh—what’s that at the end of the tunnel? Oh, dear, it appears to be a giant foot right out of Monty Python. Stay off the tracks!

Yikes! Is the Giant Foot o' Doom going to squash the subway like a bug???

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