What to do with Willows


Picture of pussy willow and curly willow cuttings

Are you among the many, many people who purchased pussy willow or curly willow at the Flower Show Marketplace? This perennial favorite is a versatile design element, but by now you may be wondering what to do with them.

Whatever you do, don’t throw them out! If you’ve been keeping the willow in  water, continue to do so—changing the water regularly. If you didn’t keep them in water but still have the cuttings, cut off an inch or so from the bottom and put them in water now. You have a very good chance that they’ll take up water, put out roots, and grow for you.

The curly willow makes a handsome small tree, and can be grown in a container and pruned back repeatedly to make a bush shape if you prefer. The pussy willow will reward you with little furry ovals every spring.

It’s nice to plant some Flower Show plants and enjoy Flower Show goodness all year long!

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