Highlights of the Marketplace: Copper Curls Garden Sculpture


Alice Calhoun—the artist behind the fanciful sculptures of joyful faeries, ballerinas, and mermaids you may have seen at the Flower Show Marketplace—has created a fun tribute to the 2012 Show, “Hawaii: Islands of Aloha.”

Her special Pele the Fire Goddess statue is part of a set inspired by the elements. Alice also creates a new set of “Flower Faeries” that are inspired by a signature flower at that year’s Show. This year is the orchid—how lovely!

We love how her faeries capture the dynamic energy of dancing within the static medium of sculpture. Check out all of her curly-haired garden sculptures at the Copper Curls website.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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One Response to “Highlights of the Marketplace: Copper Curls Garden Sculpture”

  1. Alice Calhoun Says:

    Thank you for the lovely compliments.You can see more of my Four Elements series designed for “Hawaii” at “Copper Curls Sculpture” on Facebook! They include Air (with 3 Hawaiian birds), Water (whose dress looks like tidal basins), and Earth (with a basket of Hawaiian fruit).

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