Video Round-up: Flower Show 2012


There are so many wonderful visitor-made videos of the 2012 Flower Show on YouTube. Watching these makes me a bit nostalgic, how about you? Here are some of our favorites, but selecting only three was hard—there are so many contenders!

Check out this charming recap. Love the musical selections!

It is so great to hear that people enjoyed the Show in this video featuring interviews with visitors.

And don’t miss this hilarious video, book-ended by some mad Unukalhai skills on the part of the filmmaker.

These are just a few highlights. There are tons more amazing videos out there. Check them out!

One Response to “Video Round-up: Flower Show 2012”

  1. Harold Goldstein Says:

    Reference to 2012 Hawaii Islands of Aloha DVD

    My wife and I were members of Penn Hort for many years. We were exhibitors in the Hort-a-Court as well. Unfortunately age has made it impossible for us to attend the show, but we continued to offer our orchids for exhibit. This year we were unable to do either, but our interest in the show has not waned. A friend purchased the official DVD of the show for us.

    It was lovely, but so disappointing, and I would like to tell you why. The amateur growers who support Penn Hort have their annual opportunity to compete for ribbons in the show-whether they be mighty or modest each has that same goal to win a ribbon. My wife Rona Goldstein won the ‘best in show” in the orchid exhibit against some tough competition a few years ago. No view of that large area where the amateurs exhibit their diverse collections of plants was offered either.

    One of your major exhibitors,the Off family, has been showing orchids for over a half century. Except for a brief view of Walter, no coverage of their exhibit which represents the spirit of the lovely flowers of the Islands. It is the ever growing popularity of this genera that attracts many to the annual show. It was the effort of the Hawaiian growers who first made orchids available to the mainland. That was disappointing.

    In that same spirit, the American Orchid Society placed an exhibit in the show again this year. Volunteers and plants came from afar to support this exhibit.The AOS is a volunteer organization, and its judges have been active for years evaluating the quality of orchids presented in the Hort-a-Court. Some of the volunteers came as far as Florida to man this exhibit. Plants were donated by growers nation wide for this effort, to show the best in orchid culture.

    I am certain others will complain that their efforts were not rewarded in this DVD. It’s nice to see the folks from our local ABC station, but would have been better served with some experts on the mikes. The quality of the DVD wasn’t that sharp when viewed on a hi-def receiver. Maybe next year, we will have a better view of the show.

    Harold Goldstein
    2 Moores Lane
    Elverson, Pa. 19520

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