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Plant some Flower Show in Your Garden

April 11, 2012

The Flower Show can overwhelm the senses, so you may have missed the special edition seed packet at the Flower Show Shop. Full of hardy hibiscus seeds, this tropical treasure was created by The Hudson Valley Seed Library.

Picture of Hudson Valley seed packet

Pretty enough to frame after you've grown a piece of horticultural history.

Philadelphia’s own John Bartram collected the parent plants in the 1700s and grew them in his nursery (which is a pleasant 15-minute bike ride from my house). He sold the seeds and plants to many gardeners, including a guy named George Washington (perhaps you’ve heard of him). Just think, you get history and horticulture in one little pack of seeds!

I bought a packet and will be soaking and sowing over the weekend. If they fare well, I will probably donate several plants for the plant dividend at the PHS Fall Garden Festival.

The folks at Hudson Valley Seed Library have put together a lot of information about the seeds and their history here. If you’d like to buy a pack or two, click here.

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