Learn How to Grow at Junior Flower Show


For many years PHS has partnered with Temple  University Ambler for a special event called EarthFest—a spectacular Earth Day festival that in 2012 falls on Friday, April 27 (9:30 am – 3 pm). The aim of EarthFest is to have students, teachers, kids, and their parents explore important topics like the environment, sustainability, healthy lifestyles, and protecting and preserving the planet!

The Junior Flower Show (previously known as the Kids Grow Expo) is an essential component of the EarthFest celebration. Just like the “big-people’s” Flower Show in March, the Junior Show is a showcase for talented plant-lovers to show off their skills!  And you have to see the young people’s exhibits first-hand to fully appreciate their creativity. The theme for the 2012 Show is “H20: How to Grow.” This topic is meant to further our understanding of the importance of water as a natural resource.

So how do you get involved? Educators can work with their classes to create exhibits or attend as a field trip; check out the educators guide for details. Parents of toddlers and pre-schoolers should also make a plan to swing by. EarthFest is free and unforgettable! Click here to learn more.

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