The Gershman Y Presents Eco Art


On Thursday, May 17, the Gershman Y will debut two environmental art exhibits in its galleries. From 6 – 8 pm, attend a panel discussion with several of the participating artists—all of whom have developed eco-art projects nationally and internationally. These artists believe in the importance of talking about the ideas embodied in their work.

The one collection is called Turn Here: Artists Promoting Environmental Awareness. It features artists who use signage and other graphic approaches as a strategy for promoting eco-awareness, including work by Xavier Cortada from his time in the North and South Poles.

The second grouping is titled History of the Future: Photographs from the Canary Project.

The Gershman Y sees this evening as a chance for fresh and meaningful discussion of environmental issues that impact our community. Even if you can’t attend opening reception, the exhibits run to Sunday, August 12.

To learn more and to register, click here.

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One Response to “The Gershman Y Presents Eco Art”

  1. Bruce Mullee, Jr. Says:

    i found a neat program for flower lovers.they even give a percentage of the proceeds to help save the rain forest.check out the video at i think you will love the idea too.

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