Nominate Your Great Space for the Community Greening Awards


We know that many of you Flower Show enthusiasts carry your love for horticulture into community gardening efforts, so we thought that we’d let you know about PHS’s Community Greening Awards!

The Community Greening Awards are a way for PHS to recognize all the greening efforts throughout the region that beautify communities, brighten lives, and help the environment.

Typical recipients of the award include individuals/groups who maintain main streets, public parks, traffic islands, train stations, churches, schoolyards, libraries, or businesses. But as green spaces come in all forms, the contest organizers are open to all possibilities! Municipalities that have led tree planting initiatives, combated storm-water runoff, or pursued other ecological projects may also apply.

In order to be considered, a site must be nominated. You can nominate your green space or one that you admire from afar by filling out the nomination form.

Once the nominations are compiled, judges will be sent to evaluate the sites in July and August. The judges look for plant variety, design, use of space, and horticultural practices. Sites that have been recognized in previous years may be evaluated for a maintenance award.

For more information on this program to uplift phenomenal gardening efforts in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, please e-mail or call 215-988-8897. Also, check out last year’s winning sites!

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