Schaffer Designs Creates Constitutional Display


As headquarters of the Constitution’s landmark 225th anniversary, the National Constitution Center had a lineup of celebratory events in September that included a floral art pop up by Bill Schaffer (AAF, AIFD, PFCI) and Kristine Kratt (AIFD, PFCI) of Schaffer Designs, three-time “Best in Show” winners at the Philadelphia International Flower Show.

This sculptural piece was assembled on the Center’s front lawn on September 17 and incorporated 80 stars submitted by top floral designers from 46 states, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom. The stars, which many of the designers made using materials indigenous to their respective states, were hung along with large, monochromatic spheres that had been covered with red or white carnations, white larkspur, stock, and hydrangeas.

Christian Kanienberg, a sculptor and mural artist from Wilmington, built the 12- by 16-foot steel canopy to display the bouquet and Delaware Valley Wholesale Florist donated the flowers. Bill, Kristine, and their crew of volunteers began their creation at 5:30 am and because of National Park Service rules, had to dismantle it by sundown the same day!

Join us in not only celebrating the anniversary of the Constitution, but also in congratulating Bill and Kristine on their success, their vision, and for their dedication to such a special project!


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