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Michael Petrie’s Approach to Garden Art

May 23, 2011

Who can forget Michael Petrie’s fabulous exhibit at the 2011 Flower Show? Known for his beautiful creations comprised of objets trouves (found objects), Petrie’s works are one-of-a-kind and blur the line between trash and treasure.

You can see his affinity for found objects at Michael Petrie’s Handmade Gardens, located in Downingtown, PA. You can also learn more about his aesthetic approach in this article.

As he says, “Art is put into a garden because you have a connection to it. Garden art should have soul. It should have personality. You can’t just go out and buy stuff and plunk it in your yard.” Read the article, and check out past blogs on this renaissance garden artist!

Get Tropical at the 2012 Flower Show

May 13, 2011

Have you noticed the new banner for the blog?

That’s right, the Philadelphia International Flower Show is saying ALOHA to Hawaii with our 2012 theme!

Subscribe to our blog and keep checking back for the latest information on “Islands of Aloha” and other PHS events and activities.

Malamapono a hui hou!

Royal Wedding Bouquet Challenge Heats Up!

April 27, 2011

As Prince William and Kate Middleton count down the days until their I do’s, the participants in the Royal Wedding Bouquet Challenge are waiting for YOUR votes!

Click here to view the selections and cast your vote. You have until Friday, April 29 to be entered to win a floral arrangement inspired by one the beautiful bouquets. Good luck!

Royalty Reigns at the Meadowbrook Farm Spring Open House

April 22, 2011

Didn’t get invited to the royal wedding? We’ve got the next best thing. Come to the Meadowbrook Farm Open House on Saturday, April 30 (8am to 6pm), for a day of shopping, music, food, and more.

The estate and gardens have been decked out for a “proper” English tea. Far from old-fashioned, this party features funky found objects and pops of spring color. A display of PHS Gold Medal Plants will highlight the absolute best plants for the region.

These displays, courtesy of Nectars Landscape & Design, will inspire you to add flair and fun to your castle. Shop Meadowbrook for herbs, hanging baskets, bulbs, and gifts for Mother’s Day (May 8).

Be further inspired by attending free mini-demonstrations led by gardening connoisseurs! The line-up is…

  • 10 am, Compost ‘Tea’ & Other Tips for a Greener Garden
  • 11 am, A Modern Twist on Elegant English Design
  • 12 noon, 600 Pounds of Produce: Competitive Pumpkin Growing
  • 1 pm, The Royal Treatment: Traditional English Arrangements
  • 2 pm, Fit for a King: The Must-Have Plants for Spring

On top of all that, the Open House features a kids’ activity, face painting, and fantastic lunches and snacks from Curds ‘n Whey. Find more information at This Open House is sure to be smashing!

Macy’s Flower Show, Now through April 10!

April 6, 2011

The Macy's Flower Show in 2009

Need more Flower Show in your life? Check out Towers of Flowers at the Center City Macy’s store, happening now through April 10.  Scattered throughout various departments, Towers of Flowers is a grand presentation of both bucolic blooms and ultramodern floral monuments. Several of our own Philadelphia International Flower Show exhibitors are taking part in the Macy’s Show, so check it out.

Burke Brothers Landscape Contractors created several hydrangea displays for the Show, located around the famed Wanamaker eagle statue. Six Flower Show floral designers are also lending their talents to create “Bouquets of the Day.” They are:

  • Armas Koehler & Bailey Hale of MODA botanica
  • Michael Bruce of Michael Bruce Florist
  • Barb King of Valley Forge Flowers
  • Bill Schaffer of Schaffer Designs
  • Donna O’Brien of Beautiful Blooms
  • Jamie Rothstein of Jamie Rothstein Distinctive Floral Design

Admire the beauty, take some photos, and–hey–do some spring shopping!

PHS, Art Reach, and Extra-Special Flower Show Guests

April 1, 2011

The Flower Show sends its thanks to Art Reach, a non-profit organization that brings arts and cultural opportunities to Philadelphia’s underserved audiences, including those with disabilities or financial hardships.

This year, through a partnership with PHS and Art Reach, many Springtime in Paris tickets were donated to those who otherwise would be unable to attend.

A line in one of the many thank-you letters reads,

“The members [of The Consortium’s Seeds of Hope Program] who attended were very intrigued and excited about the opportunity given them.  Many of them have never attended the Flower Show before…They were able to feel more included in the community through your generous donation of tickets.”

Our pleasure!

Chef Rocco Lugrine’s Decadent Macaron Recipe

March 30, 2011

The mouth-watering confections of Chef Rocco Lugrine wowed Flower Show crowds. Now is your chance to test your culinary skills by trying this popular recipe at home. Whether you spell it macaron or macaroon, you’ll agree this is a tasty treat! 

Chocolate Macaron with Caramel Sea Salt Ganache

Chocolate Macaron

  • Whip 5.5 oz of egg whites with 3 oz of granulated sugar until firm peak
  • Sift together 10 oz powdered sugar, 5.5 oz almond flour, and 1.25 oz cocoa powder
  • Fold the sifted powders into the whipped egg whites until smooth
  • Pipe 1-inch onto a silicon-baking mat
  • Bake at 300F for 14-15 minutes

Caramel Sea Salt Ganache

  • Caramelize 7 oz of sugar
  • Add 13 oz of heavy whipping cream slowly, taking caution to prevent the caramel from seizing
  • Boil the caramel and pour over 15 oz of 64% dark chocolate and 9 oz of 38% milk chocolate
  • Make an emulsion
  • Pipe onto 1/2 of the macaron shells, then sandwich them together
  • Sprinkle 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt
  • Sandwich shells together and enjoy!

Unique Vendors in the Marketplace, Part 2

March 12, 2011

Here are even more great Marketplace vendors. We wish we could profile them all; there’s so much cool stuff to be had!

Earth Saver Wind Sculpture (701)

Bud Scheffel, owner and operator of Earth Saver Wind Sculpture, is an artist based out of Shokan, NY, specializing in one-of-a-kind wind sculptures, suncatchers, and mobiles.  Inspired by nature and his extensive international travel (including Paris, Milan, Tokyo, and Japan!), a majority of Bud’s pieces are reclaimed or recycled materials.  With a background in math, physics, and advertising, Bud says that his comprehension of these fields as well as design helps him to create his sculptures.

You can find Earth Saver Wind Sculpture in booth 701 at the Show, or through his website.

Jerry Fritz Garden Design, Inc. (229)

Jerry Fritz of Linden Hill Gardens calls himself a landscape craftsman; with his extensive fan base, appearance on the Martha Stewart Show, and first-place prize at the Flower Show, we have to agree!  While Jerry featured an exhibit at the Show in 2000, this is his first year as a Marketplace vendor.  With extensive knowledge of gardening and landscaping, Jerry lectures and is the proprietor of Jerry Fritz Garden Design Inc.  Pictured here with his prized snow drops, Jerry can’t wait to come back next year!

Stop by booth 229 to pick up your snow drop, or head over to the Linden Hill Gardens website.

Trees Company (307)

Trees Co. is celebrating their 25th year at the Flower Show, featuring the unique metal works of self-taught artist, Rob Hagarty.  Working with two materials, copper clad steel wire and silver wire with gold enamel plating, Rob skillfully crafts each piece by hand in a variety of tree shapes and sizes, from 18 inches all the way to 60 inches!  The center of the photographed showcases Rob’s prized African Acacia tree sculpture.  Inspired by a photo his daughter took at an African safari, Rob duplicated the tree right down to the limbs chewed off by giraffes!

You’ll find Trees Co. in booth 307, but after the Show, check out their website.

Unique Vendors in the Marketplace, Part 1

March 11, 2011

Here’s a look at just some of the many amazing Marketplace vendors at the Flower Show. A Flower Show visit is incomplete without a leisurely stroll (or, depending on your shopping style, a mad dash) through the Marketplace.

Courtney Design (415)

Courtney Design is a perennial favorite among Flower Show guests. Featuring one-of-a-kind pieces, owner Courtney Peterson along with her husband, Lee, design and handcraft each of their unique earrings, bracelets, pendants, and brooches out of a variety of materials, including sterling silver, brass, and 14K gold.  Courtney and Lee pride themselves on creating unexpected items, including their Big Shot Bunny pin, an upscale rabbit drinking a martini with a cigar in hand. A visitor standing nearby eagerly chimed in, “their pieces are spectacular, every time I look at the board, I see something new.”

Be sure to stop by their booth, 415; after the Flower Show, you can find them at their website.

Hudson Beach Glass (314)

A third generation glass studio located in Philadelphia, Hudson Beach Glass produces one-of-a-kind glass blown items.  Hudson produced items specifically for the Flower Show, including dome vases and modular terrariums that stack upon one another.  Their booth at the show, 314, features glass from not only their studio, but from American artisans all over the country.

Stop by for some amazing deals, as Hudson Beach Glass has special Flower Show sales going on until Sunday.  After the Show, you can check out their website and calendar for local events!

Randolph Rose Collection (521, 523, 620, 622)

Starting in 1972, this third generation family company specializes in bronze sculpture and fountain design.  Their sculptures range from animals and children to completely customized pieces, and the owners pride themselves on excellent customer service and skillful craftsmanship.  Their work can be seen not only across the country, but across the world!

Don’t miss their large booth at the Flower Show, occupying spaces 521, 523, 620, and 622; their Show special offers 40% off of all pieces.  And, don’t worry, they will ship anywhere in the U.S. or abroad!  If you don’t get a chance to meet the Roses at the Show, head to their website for more information.

Sponsors Shine at the Flower Show

March 9, 2011

Each year some of the Flower Show’s corporate sponsors create memorable exhibits for the delight of our many guests. Luckily, we were able to steal their talented designers for a few moments to get an exclusive walk-through of their exquisite exhibits. With a little background information, you’ll have an even better appreciation of their beauty.

First up, Joe Palimeno, landscape designer with Ledden Palimeno Design Build Co. He describes EP Henry’s Dinner and a Movie showcase as a way to “display the indoors, out.”  A backyard porch, covered in tall plants and blooming flowers, will be portrayed in both the daytime and night.  During the daytime, the exhibit plays cheery music while a 10-foot rain curtain spills water into a serene backyard-spa.  As the evening approaches, colored lights illuminate the trees while a favorite Paris-inspired film plays. Wait until you see it!

Joe also worked with Subaru on their Day in the Park exhibit.  Walls adorned with  plants line a driveway that leads to a hot air balloon ride.  Be sure to check out this showcase, and the shiny, sleek Subaru vehicle parked there!

Nearby, PNC’s exhibit For the Birds, is an “artistic statement with found birdhouses,” in the words of Michael Petrie of Petrie’s Handmade Gardens.  When Michael came across these birdhouses in New Jersey, he was inspired to create a tall, whimsical arch.  Built with stacked orchard crates, this creative walk-through is the perfect tribute to PNC, which has sponsored the Flower Show for the past 20 years. Take a trip back in time and admire the Flower Show posters from the past two decades.

Sponsors Tourism Ireland and Smith &  Hawken have exhibits as well. More details to come!

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