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Through Laura’s Lens: A Look Back at Ka’Kua

April 23, 2012

What to do with myself when the Flower Show is over but it’s too early to set out my tender plants? Why, I assemble slide shows out of my 950-plus photos of the Show (the keepers out of the thousands I shot), and upload them to YouTube, of course!

Here’s one featuring the People’s Choice Award winner, Flowers by David: Ka’Kua (tattoo).

What would you like to see next? I probably have pictures of it!

Petals Lane Makes a Splash at First Flower Show!

April 13, 2012

In its debut year, Petals Lane made a memorable contribution to the 2012 Flower Show! Its exhibit was distinct, vibrant, and told a story…all the best ones do. As you may remember, the focus of the display was an opulent table set for a party. It depicted the intimate gathering held the night before a wedding, and awed us all with the ephemeral beauty of the scene.

Michael Phinney of Petals Lane tells us the best part of the Show was connecting with people. He says, “The interest visitors had in the plants and the creative process is what made the exhibit successful in our minds.”

It sure was! He goes on to say, “We heard comments from people saying ‘we heard on the train ride that we had to see this exhibit.'”

Now that spring is here—the season of weddings, showers, graduations, and get-togethers—it stands to reason many of these admirers might become clients of Petals Lane. If you’re planning an event or considering home renovations, reach out to your favorite Show exhibitor!

And in case you didn’t see the Petals Lane’s exhibit this year—or if you would like to relive the magic—here are some photos from shutterbug Laura Blanchard.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Macy’s Flower Show Features Some of Our Favorite Designers

March 27, 2012

We’ve barely caught our collective breath after a trip to Hawaii during this year’s Flower Show, and now Macy’s invites us to another exotic locale during their show, “Brasil: Gardens in Paradise,” March 25 through April 7 during store hours at the City Center location.

Celebrated at Macy’s in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, the show features a variety of activities for the entire family, including organ concerts; floral, tabletop, and cooking demonstrations; guided tours; and more. Also featured is the “Bouquet of the Day,” where local designers create floral masterpieces within the store.

You’ll recognize these participating artists from the Philadelphia Flower Show: Jamie Rothstein, Jamie Rothstein Distinctive Floral Designs (March 25-26); Michael Bruce, Michael Bruce Florist (March 27-28); Donna O’Brien, Beautiful Blooms (March 29-31); Barb King, Valley Forge Flowers (April 1-2); Eric Schellack, Robertson’s Flowers (April 3-4); and Bill Schaffer, Schaffer Designs (April 5-7).

Remember, no passport is required to experience the lush, vibrant South American plants and flowers as interpreted by some of Philadelphia’s most-recognized floral designers. Enjoy!

The 2012 People’s Choice Award Goes to…

March 16, 2012

Flowers by David!

Visitors voted for their favorite exhibit this year using the new Flower Show app, and Flowers by David won their hearts and minds.

Flowers by David is the husband-and-wife team of David and Robin Heller from Langhorne, PA. Each year they amaze with their creative displays, and this year’s fountain installation adorned with tribal tattoos raised the bar even further.

Thanks for everyone who voted, and congratulations to Flowers by David!

A Tale of Two Michaels: The Landscaper and the Florist

March 9, 2012

The list of exhibitors at the Flower Show reads like a “Who’s Who” of the horticulture industry, and includes some of the area’s finest landscape architects and installers, as well as respected floral designers. Every visitor has a favorite, and here are two that exemplify the differences.

The exhibit created by award-winning Michael Bruce Florist is a whimsical compilation of three sand-filled islands, connected by pass-through arches of gently manipulated bamboo. Individual cut blooms have been draped like jeweled necklaces from carefully woven and suspended mats, interspersed with sparkling capiz shell medallions. Brightly colored orchids are the stars of this show, placed in tear drop-shaped vials that hang at eye level. Truly a display that’s not to be missed.

In the Michael Petrie’s Handmade Gardens display, gravity-defying stacks of lava rock punctuate this fantasy landscape inspired by the wind-carved stone formations and lunar-like landscape of the Garden of the Gods (Keahiakawelo). Legend has it that ancient Hawaiian gods created the high-desert area on the island of Lanai by dropping boulders from the sky. Winner of the “Showcase Garden Award,” the “”Mayor’s Trophy,” and “Best Achievement Blending Horticulture, Landscape, and Artistic Elements,” this display continues to wow visitors with its size, scale, and story.

Whether you want to appreciate a single, cut blossom or be enlightened by landscape possibilities, the Flower Show has inspirational moments for everyone!

Exhibit Showcase: Students at the Flower Show

March 7, 2012

For the 2012 Flower Show, students at Temple University Ambler School of Environmental Design
have created a misty mountain where ferns cling and shade-loving Taro plants thrive! Their exhibit is called Aloha Aina: A Return to Life with the Land, and it is a striking interpretation of the Hawaii theme. You can listen to a podcast about how the students conceived, designed, and built their exhibit by clicking here.

Students from the Delaware Valley College, Department of Natural Resources and Bio-systems Management invite you to venture underneath a mountain stream to see a world teeming with life! Their exhibit is titled World Beneath Our Feet, and it reminds visitors to reflect upon the necessity of these often unseen systems of plants, animals and soils to sustain life.

The students at Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades worked hand-in-hand with experts from Colonial Williamsburg to create a garden  called American Roots: A Williamsburg Colonial Kitchen Garden.

The exhibit has heirloom vegetables, espalier fruit trees, and an herb garden—all enclosed in a rustic wood fence. Stop to admire the era-appropriate tools in this well-researched display.

W.B Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences students take an interesting approach to this year’s theme by reminding visitors that today’s Hawaiian paradise began with the arrival of plants brought from Polynesian islands. Their exhibit is called “Ka Māla: The Canoe Garden” because it prominently features a student-made canoe representing the canoes full of tropical plants that were originally brought to Hawaii from the Polynesian islands. Three courses at the school collaborated for this ambitious project.

The Horticulture Academy at Abraham Lincoln High School has created an exhibit that highlights green walls and their utility in public transportation. Titled On the Right Track: Going Vertical, the exhibit features a SEPTA station decked out with green walls (also called living walls, eco-walls or vertical gardens).

We applaud the efforts of these students! Great work!

Flower Show Exhibitors Encourage Relaxation & Creation

March 5, 2012

Each exhibit at the Flower Show offers something distinct, but here are two that focus on fun!

The tranquil lagoon by Burke Brothers lures the viewer in with its inviting lounge and sandy shores. Called an “executive surfer’s retreat,” the designers want you to imagine that a busy executive has taken a moment away from his stressful life to enjoy a relaxing afternoon surfing.

The white sand that blankets this exhibit does more than evoke the beach theme; designer Vivianne Englund-Callahan said, “The sand really makes the color of the plants pop, more so than dark mulch.”

When you’re there, be sure to enter the raffle to win the executive’s surfboard!

On the other side of the PHS Gift Shop you’ll find the interactive MODA botanica display. This incredibly colorful exhibit was inspired by the “crazy patterns of Hawaiian shirts,” says Bailey Hall, who co-designed the exhibit with Armas Koehler.

Constructed of hanging, stacked translucent panels decorated with flowers and greenery, the display invites visitors to turn cranks to move the panels and create their own “lauana,” or flower patterns. Don’t be shy; try it!

“At the center of the display is a fun tablescape, an example of what we can do in party and event planning, from extreme to playful,” said Bailey.

Through Laura’s Lens: A Hot Romance

March 5, 2012
Picture of Bill Schaffer and Kriss Kratt in front of "Pele" exhibit

A hot romance! Bill Schaffer and Kris Kratt, floral designers, will be married on the Flower Show Floor on Wedding Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 7:30 p.m.

It’s going to be a Show for the photo albums for Bill Schaffer and Kris Kratt. In addition to taking the Best of Show – Display Garden, Floral award for their exhibit, “Pele: Goddess of Fire,” the couple will be married on the main stage of the Show floor this Wednesday, March 7, at 7:30 pm.

Wondering how this came to be—and how Bill talked Kris into it? I caught up with them a few days ago. The idea came out of a meeting of the Designer’s Studio team. While talking about Wedding Wednesday (a special event you can attend), the idea of actually having a wedding on the Show floor surfaced.

Former Flower Show chair Melinda Moritz remembered that Bill was engaged, so she “proposed” the idea to him. Bill called Kris, who was working at an event in Atlanta, and Kris said yes!

(Kris is used to public displays of affection from Bill — watch his onstage proposal at the American Institute of Floral Designers meeting on YouTube.)

So come on out to see Bill and Kris tie the knot on Wednesday. Their reception will include a cake from TLC’s Cake Boss (who will be filming at the Show that night), and the wedding flowers are sure to be terrific. (The bride and groom are designing their own bouquet and boutonniere; friends are doing the others.)

Watch Bill talk about Schaffer Designs’ award-winning exhibit, “Pele: Goddess of Fire” and the incredible international team of designers who came in to make it possible.

Can You Name the Pop Icon?

March 5, 2012

The Celebrations Design Group exhibit is a departure from the Show’s Hawaii theme, but is just as exciting and fun.

Using pop music icons as inspiration, the display combines floral arrangements with music and lighting for a multimedia sensory experience—you’ll feel like you’re front-row at a concert!

Based on these close-up images, can you identify what artists are depicted? Leave a comment with your best guesses.

What You Don’t Know About the Show

March 4, 2012

It’s opening day of the 2012 Philadelphia International Flower Show! Starting at 8 am today an eager group of early-birds have flocked to the Show floor to be the first among their friends to see “Hawaii: Islands of Aloha”!

As you tour the Show, you’ll be overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, and smells of all of the incredible displays, but have you ever wondered about an exhibit’s back story–the inspiration, construction details, and history? A chat with a few of the exhibitors yielded some fun factoids.

Robertson’s Flowers of Chestnut Hill has created a beach wedding tableau, complete with floral altar and graceful white arches. According to designer Eric Schellack, those arches may dissuade a superstitious visitor; they’re made from aluminum ladders!

He said that a small army of 20 people worked on the display, assembling more than 1,500 vases and arranging 2,000 stems shipped directly from Hawaii. Let’s hope that the power of the leis on the altar, a traditional symbol of good luck, overcomes the power of the ladders!

Flowers by David has been a favorite at the Show for 16 years. This year’s display was inspired by Hawaiian tribal tattoos, graphically expressed on large panels throughout the exhibit. Robin Heller, half of the husband-and-wife design team, commented that “When you say Hawaii, everyone gets such an instant, firm image, so it’s difficult to set yourself apart. We wanted to stand out, and the tattoos are what we thought of.” Complementing the graphics is a beautiful 15-foot fountain, the base of which hides seven powerful, yet silent, pumps. “We were encouraged to go higher,” says Robin. “Maybe next year.”

The American Institute of Floral Designer’s (AIFD) exhibit celebrates the Merrie Monarch Festival that honors the legacy left by King David Kalākaua. This mighty monarch inspired the perpetuation of Hawaiian traditions, native language, and the arts, including the hula dance.

Individual displays depict every type of hula from dancing for rain, to stop the rain, for fire, wind, water, and healing. AIFD designers from around the country have assembled to create the vignettes. “It’s a very literal interpretation,” says Ron Mulray, head designer, who added that more than 2,000 stems of anthuriums will be sculpted into the backdrop. If Ron is at the exhibit when you stop by, be sure to ask him about the history of the hula dance—he’s an expert!

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