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Make Mom Feel Special at Meadowbrook Farm

May 10, 2012

This weekend, enjoy a day out with mom and treat her to beautiful flowers or fresh veggie starts for her garden. Shop from a selection of gorgeous perennials and trees, Americana geraniums, calibrachoa, gerbera daisies, and lantana—plus, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, and more for veggie lovers!

Or choose one of Meadowbrook’s Top Picks for Moms:

Gorgeous combination baskets and containers – a perfect addition to the front steps, back porch, or outdoor dining table.

Handmade black terra cotta flower pot with a kale design – locally designed and created for Meadowbrook by Heirloom Home and Design in Glenside, PA. Learn the full story here.

Meadowbrook Gift Cards are also available in any amount.

Earlybird shoppers on Sunday can enjoy free coffee and donuts from 10 am – noon (while supplies last!). See you at Meadowbrook! Click here for hours and directions.

Plant some Flower Show in Your Garden

April 11, 2012

The Flower Show can overwhelm the senses, so you may have missed the special edition seed packet at the Flower Show Shop. Full of hardy hibiscus seeds, this tropical treasure was created by The Hudson Valley Seed Library.

Picture of Hudson Valley seed packet

Pretty enough to frame after you've grown a piece of horticultural history.

Philadelphia’s own John Bartram collected the parent plants in the 1700s and grew them in his nursery (which is a pleasant 15-minute bike ride from my house). He sold the seeds and plants to many gardeners, including a guy named George Washington (perhaps you’ve heard of him). Just think, you get history and horticulture in one little pack of seeds!

I bought a packet and will be soaking and sowing over the weekend. If they fare well, I will probably donate several plants for the plant dividend at the PHS Fall Garden Festival.

The folks at Hudson Valley Seed Library have put together a lot of information about the seeds and their history here. If you’d like to buy a pack or two, click here.

Highlights of the Marketplace: Copper Curls Garden Sculpture

March 29, 2012

Alice Calhoun—the artist behind the fanciful sculptures of joyful faeries, ballerinas, and mermaids you may have seen at the Flower Show Marketplace—has created a fun tribute to the 2012 Show, “Hawaii: Islands of Aloha.”

Her special Pele the Fire Goddess statue is part of a set inspired by the elements. Alice also creates a new set of “Flower Faeries” that are inspired by a signature flower at that year’s Show. This year is the orchid—how lovely!

We love how her faeries capture the dynamic energy of dancing within the static medium of sculpture. Check out all of her curly-haired garden sculptures at the Copper Curls website.

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QVC “Spring in Bloom” Begins Tomorrow

March 9, 2012

A solar-powered umbrella may not do much good indoors at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, but think of how nice it would be for your deck or patio.

At the Kaua’i Kafe, located in the center of the Show floor, you can see these colorful canopies on display.

The umbrellas come in seven colors and each features 30 LED solar lights and a solar panel with rechargeable batteries. Now when you host barbeques, cook-outs, and other outdoor affairs, you’ll have an easy, reliable way to light up your night. What a bright idea!

You can purchase these umbrellas at a special price now through March 10 through QVC. (The umbrellas are item #M28054.) This deal is part of the QVC’s “Spring in Bloom” special, which airs for 24 hours tomorrow and will include live segments from the Flower Show.

Shop QVC for this product and everything else under the sun.

A Marketplace of Wonders

March 8, 2012

It’s a shopper’s paradise! On a recent stroll through the Flower Show Marketplace, we saw everything from high-tech ratchet pruners, botanical body scrubs, armloads of curly willow, and every type of garden furniture imaginable. Here are a few favorites.

A Show vendor for 12 years, Stems Vases from Anacortes, Washington, celebrates “the art of simple.” Their slim, elegant containers lend themselves to a variety of designs, from layers of colorful citrus slices to a single orchid stem. The glass outer layer is framed in brushed metal and covers an acrylic liner that resists algae growth. While we visited, several show-goers were singing the praises of these containers, saying they use them year-round. In fact, shoppers at the Show were so excited by the concept that the company had its best sales day ever last Sunday!

Mary DeMarco’s La Contessa jewelry captures the spirit of this year’s Show theme with nature-inspired statement pieces. Mary has been designing jewelry for 30 years; we loved the variety of her cast pewter pieces from a soaring bird to a gangly octopus. The pewter is complemented with semiprecious stones such as carnelian, desert jasper,  Mojave green turquoise, and Austrian crystals, and each ring, bracelet, and necklace is more magnificent than the last.

Imagine a school of bright golden koi swimming through a bed of blue ageratum, or a blue trout swimming upstream through the ivy. Maine artist Tyson M. Weiss has created Fish in the Gardens, a line of stainless steel and stoneware fish that add movement and fluid beauty to any landscape. These weather-resistant swimmers are hand crafted and signed by the artist, some featuring true-to-life details, while others are painted as one-of-a-kind species. In addition to the stoneware varieties, the artist creates stainless-steel fish that will not rust and can be hand-shaped to swim around the trunk of a tree—so cute!

Dave and Jill Wallace from Bittersweet Herb Farm have brought their extensive line of seasonings to the Show. Varieties include wild blueberry and limoncello jam, chai tea marmalade, and Show-favorite wasabi ginger finishing sauce. This family-run business from Massachusetts has brought gourmet products to the Show for 24 years, delighting buyers with not only the food, but the warmth with which it is presented. “We try to have fun!” said Jill.

QVC and the Flower Show Team Up!

February 29, 2012

If you came to the Flower Show last year (or any other year), you probably left feeling that you were meant for garden greatness. Well, if anyone can help you achieve those dreams, it’s QVC.

QVC will broadcast live from the Flower Show on Saturday, March 10 as part of “Spring In Bloom,” an all-day special. The broadcast will include great indoor-outdoor decorating tips for your home and garden, and “Fresh from the Flower Show” items available for purchase. Tune in!

Also, the Flower Show and QVC have teamed up to bring you a special combo package: a ticket to the Show and a tour of QVC Studios!

The QVC Studio Tour will bring you to its vast broadcasting and electronic retailing center, located near West Chester, PA. Visitors learn how products are selected and sold live on air in 91 million U.S. homes. The 60-minute guided walk-through illustrates the combination of technology and talent that have changed the way America shops. See a live television broadcast in action, then enjoy some serious shopping at the QVC Studio Store.

So remember the simple steps. Come to the Flower Show, tour QVC, garden like a rockstar! Click here to purchase the ticket combo (look under the heading ‘Great Philadelphia Area Attraction Packages’).

Through Laura’s Lens: Seeds at the Marketplace

February 27, 2012

Scratch a gardener, find a seed catalog enthusiast. And visiting the Flower Show Marketplace is like walking through some of your favorite seed catalogs. Here are shots of just a few of the colorful seed displays from past years. Look for these and others at the 2012 Flower Show.

The Seed Source

A wide variety of seeds from specialty growers at The Seed Source.

THE SEED SOURCE: These folks carry seeds from a number of specialty houses, including Thompson & Morgan, Renee’s Garden, and Franchi, to name just a few. For the gardener looking for something a little out of the ordinary, this is a must-see.

Hudson Valley Seed Library

Heirloom seeds in collectible packets from the Hudson Valley Seed Library

This is a keepsake with a good cause!

HUDSON VALLEY SEED LIBRARY sells more than 150 varieties of heirloom seeds, packaged in beautiful, re-closeable works of art. I will confess that I bought their rainbow chard because I coveted the seed packet.

For 2012, Hudson Valley created a special Hawaii-themed hibiscus seed packet in partnership with PHS. For each seed packet purchased, Hudson Valley will donate a packet of heirloom vegetable seeds to PHS’s City Harvest program. If you can’t wait for the Show, the seeds can be purchased online.

D. Landreth Seed Company

D. Landreth carries all kinds of seeds, including seed potatoes.

D. LANDRETH SEED COMPANY is one of the oldest names in the American seed trade, dating back to 1780, when David Landreth sold his seeds to Washington, Jefferson, and other notables. The Landreths were also among the founders of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. And the booth is possibly the only place in the Marketplace to buy seed potatoes.

Make sure to budget time to visit the Marketplace and shop at its more than 180 displays. Click here for the complete list of Marketplace vendors.

More Marketplace Must-Sees

February 21, 2012

Last week I mentioned some Marketplace vendors I’m especially excited about. Turns out that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Here are three more great vendors, which is still only a fraction of the complete list.

By the way, shopping at this year’s Show will be easier than ever, with shorter aisles and a more visitor-friendly layout. After you go to the Show, let us know which booths were your favorites and what fabulous things you found!

Roberta’s, Booths 504, 506, 601 and 603

For more than 50 years, Roberta’s has been a purveyor of difficult-to-find, yet easy-to-grow plants, often featured on QVC. Their Flower Show offerings will include Hawaiian plumeria in a variety of colors including pink, red, yellow, and white, each with its own luscious fragrance. Roberta’s fertilizer and pots will enable you to bring a touch of the tropics home!

Pressed Flower Artist
Booths 119, 121 and 123

Floral artists Julie Ann and Jim Gibson preserve and press fresh flowers and leaves at their peak of beauty, then combine them into botanical masterpieces that can enjoyed for years to come. At their studio in the San Tan Mountains of Queen Creek, Arizona, the couple’s love of flowers and award-winning artistic sensibilities come together as they paint with blossoms and foliage, then display the everlasting gardens behind protective mats and frames.

Back to the Roots, Booth 726

You can’t get any more local, sustainable, or fresh than by growing mushrooms at home. Each Back to the Roots kit includes everything you need to grow up to 1.5 pounds of gourmet oyster mushrooms in as few as 10 days, right from the box. Founders Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora created the system that uses recycled coffee grounds as the growing medium, diverting and reusing one million pounds of coffee grounds from Peet’s Coffee & Tea during 2011. Kits can be stored unused for months, providing you with a year-round supply of fungal goodness.

Flower Show Debuts Online Store!

February 20, 2012

Purchase souvenirs from the 2012 Flower Show before it begins!

PHS and the Flower Show are proud to share its new online store. With just a few clicks you can add to your collection of collectible pins and silk scarves or pre-order this year’s DVD Hawaii: Islands of Aloha (which will be filmed live at the Show).

Want to surprise your favorite Flower Show fan? Order the ultimate Flower Show Gift Package, which includes includes two adult tickets, the 2012 signature silk scarf, and an embroidered multipurpose felt purse.

Also featured are must-haves for every gardener from soothing hand soap, easy flower-arranging tools, and organic cotton PHS T-shirts. Gift certificates and PHS memberships are also available. Stop by often to see what’s new!

Use the Bloomin’ Fun Pass for Citywide Discounts

February 16, 2012

Attention seekers of fun and savings!

Heading out on the town before or during the Flower Show? Coming from out-of-town and booking a hotel? Don’t forget to take advantage of wallet-friendly Pop-Up Promotions at tons of restaurants, attractions, and retail stores by using the Bloomin’ Fun Pass!

Use the link above to download and print out your pass. You’ll then have access to 15% off restaurants, 10% off shopping, $2 off tickets to partner attractions, and discounted hotel and travel rates—all part of the citywide celebration for “Hawaii: Islands of Aloha.”

From tasty sushi at 1225 Raw Sushi & Sake Lounge to an educational day exploring the Philadelphia Museum of Art, there are savings for everyone with the Bloomin’ Fun Pass. Take a peek here to find a complete list of 2012 participants.

Happy savings, and see you at the Show!

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