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The Horticulture Behind the Royal Wedding

April 20, 2011

During the Royal Wedding, England’s floral heraldic emblem will be in full bloom

By Ed Salvato

Spring is a frantic, time-intensive season for gardeners. Planting and tending to a garden takes time, patience and a considerable amount of effort. Imagine trying to take care of Great Britain’s royal parks and gardens. Now, add in the royal wedding of the century, with His Royal Highness Prince William and Kate Middleton as your centerpiece, and an estimated one billion pairs of eyes on your work. Was that the clatter of a thousand pairs of dropped pruners?

Brits take their gardens very seriously and participate in numerous horticultural events throughout the year. Two of the most noteworthy are Britain in Bloom, a horticultural campaign with over 1,000 municipality participants, and the Chelsea Flower Show, an annual event that will feature exhibits with a Royal Wedding theme this year.

The actual Royal Wedding will take place among some of London’s most wonderful and beautifully-maintained gardens and parks. Home to 5,000 acres of historical parkland and attracting millions of Londoners and tourists each year are London’s eight royal parks. One of which is the St. James Park, the location where the wedding procession will take place and a space with a rich royal history, a picturesque landscape, and some of the capital’s most prestigious sights.

After departing from Buckingham Palace, William and Kate will make their way through the St. James gardens en route to Westminster Abbey where they will officially tie the knot. Along the way they will see flowers with royal significance, such as the national flower (and heraldic emblem) of: England, the rose; Scotland, the Scottish thistle; and Wales, the daffodil.

While many of us can’t live like royalty, we can at least make our gardens look fit for a king or queen. So go ahead, plant some of these royal flowers, grab a bottle of Pimm’s, and toast many happy years to Will and Kate.

To see British garden design infused with a modern twist, attend the Spring Open House at Meadowbrook Farm on Saturday, April 30 (the day after Will and Kate say “I do!”).

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