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Jacques Amand, the Bulb Specialist, is Back

March 10, 2012

Flowering bulbs grace lush hillsides in the display by British grower, Jacques Amand, who has exhibited at the Show for 18 years. According to staffer Elaine Wiggers, the display was built by an ever-growing staff of volunteers from this side of the pond. “Everybody has such a good time. We rely on our volunteers; two people showed up this year who we’ve never met before. It’s fun!”

Among the blooms are metal sculptures that are part of a series called “Growing Tips,” created by world-class artist Lisa Fedon. Each sculpture represents the part of a bulb that pushes forth into the unknown, and adds a bit of whimsy to the scene. With the logistics of importing more than 17,000 bulbs from the U.K, Amand quipped, “I think we do brilliantly with what we get here!”

Jacques Amand Beckons Spring with Beaucoup Bulbs

March 13, 2011

The Flower Show is almost over, but spring is just beginning!

Welcome the season with Jacques Amand, The Bulb Specialist, who offers an interpretation of the most famous French sculptures—including those of Rodin and Degas—in a homage created by Philadelphia sculptor Lisa Fedon.

Experience the first sign of spring with the fabulous scent and magnificent color of thousands of flowering bulbs. Only here can you see the largest selection of bulbs—some new, some rare—providing an aromatic, unforgettable experience.


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