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Petals Lane Makes a Splash at First Flower Show!

April 13, 2012

In its debut year, Petals Lane made a memorable contribution to the 2012 Flower Show! Its exhibit was distinct, vibrant, and told a story…all the best ones do. As you may remember, the focus of the display was an opulent table set for a party. It depicted the intimate gathering held the night before a wedding, and awed us all with the ephemeral beauty of the scene.

Michael Phinney of Petals Lane tells us the best part of the Show was connecting with people. He says, “The interest visitors had in the plants and the creative process is what made the exhibit successful in our minds.”

It sure was! He goes on to say, “We heard comments from people saying ‘we heard on the train ride that we had to see this exhibit.'”

Now that spring is here—the season of weddings, showers, graduations, and get-togethers—it stands to reason many of these admirers might become clients of Petals Lane. If you’re planning an event or considering home renovations, reach out to your favorite Show exhibitor!

And in case you didn’t see the Petals Lane’s exhibit this year—or if you would like to relive the magic—here are some photos from shutterbug Laura Blanchard.

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Exhibitor Spotlight: First Time’s the Charm

March 13, 2012

The 2012 Flower Show was the first time exhibiting for Petals Lane…and they knocked it out of the park! A designer for Petal’s Lane said that the Show experience was “overwhelming, but lots of fun.”

For their debut display the group wanted to take the traditional luau and turn it up a notch. So, they did their research on Hawaiian culture, and came up with a brilliant idea!

The exhibit is called Pineapple Pa’ina, and celebrates the fleeting nature of the night before a wedding, when the lucky couple and their two families and closest friends gather together to feast and celebrate. The display is striking with it’s extravagantly adored table and larger-than-life pineapples, which we learned are made of 800 carnations!

Like all of our exhibitors, each night they refreshed the exhibit, which is an intense process, but all that hard work is worth it when you make such a strong first impression. Come back again next year!

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