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Exhibitor Spotlight: Perennial Favorites

March 11, 2012

Today is closing day of the Flower Show, and we can’t help but get a little misty-eyed. As always the exhibitors have done an outstanding job creating memorable displays with compelling stories.

Take, for instance, perennial favorite Stoney Bank Nurseries. It is easy to get caught up in the story Jack Blandy and company tell with their display! Picture this: you are driving down the highway in Maui, looking out the window at the tropical scenery. Taro crops appear in flooded fields as the road ahead lazily snakes into the distance. Just another afternoon. But wait! You’re not in Maui, you’re in Philly! How do they do it?

The depth in the Stoney Bank Nurseries exhibit is an optical illusion created by clever backdrops, props, and plant positioning. Exhibitors have a limited space and over-sized ideas, so they have to get creative!

The Men’s Garden Club of Philadelphia also succeed in storytelling. And considering it’s their twenty-third year exhibiting, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Their interpretation of this year’s theme is especially fun; they depicted a coffee plantation in the midst of celebrating a victory at a coffee festival! 

John Young, the vice president of the Men’s Garden Club of Philadelphia, pointed out the beautiful triangle palm tree in the corner of the exhibit, a rare specimen with a distinctly triangular trunk, which is how this beautiful palm gets its name.

What stories will these exhibitors cook up for 2013? Who know, but we’re sure they will be brilliant!

Stoney Bank Goes Gourmet

March 8, 2011

“Chef” Jack Blandy and Stoney Bank Nurseries (61 Stoney Bank Rd., Glen Mills, PA 19342) have cooked up a mouth-watering exhibit to capture the delectable side of Paris. This rooftop garden has everything for throwing the perfect dinner party, including a wine cooler, grill, and a simple table setting.

No need to run to the le supermarché, this garden has all the fresh herbs and veggies you could ever ask for. There are also espalier apple and pear trees that have elicited both “oohs” and “aahs” from the crowds.

Since sustainability is important to Stoney Bank, the crew wanted to highlight some of the services they offer. Look for a green roof, solar panels, recycled pavers, and a rainwater harvest system. “We wanted it to be both environmentally friendly and sophisticated. We think any French chef would feel at home in this setting,” Jack says.

Totem Poll? Jack Blandy Getting Ready for the Flower Show

February 2, 2010

Check out Stoney Bank Nurseries preparing for its New Zealand-inspired exhibit  for the 2010 Philadelphia International Flower Show, “Passport to the World.”

The exhibit, called “New Zealand’s Gardens of Ora- Bog & Kiwi,” will showcase Maori culture and include several New Zealand tree ferns as well as a Maori totem poll, made from a Pawlonia tree trunk 3 feet in diameter and 13 feet long.

Children’s Activities Coming to the Flower Show

January 28, 2010

The Flower Show is a grown-up gardener’s paradise, and it can be a wonderland of discovery and delight for children as well.

The larger-than-life displays offer a unique setting in which to engage youngsters in the beauty of the natural world and ignite a lifelong passion for its precious plant life.

Show organizers have arranged a specially priced $65 Family Fun Pak of discounted tickets offering two adults and two children admission to the Show and free membership in the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

Jaw-dropping displays such as the 28-foot-tall hot air balloon covered with 79,000 dried flowers at the Show entrance and a life-size elephant in the Indian wedding-inspired exhibit by Jamie Rothstein Floral Design are sure to catch the interest of young people from toddlers to teens.

Equally impressive giraffe and lion sculptures stand guard over the South Africa-themed display by the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD), and a dragon slithers through a Maori-inspired New Zealand exhibit by Stoney Bank Nurseries.


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