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Exhibit Showcase: Students at the Flower Show

March 7, 2012

For the 2012 Flower Show, students at Temple University Ambler School of Environmental Design
have created a misty mountain where ferns cling and shade-loving Taro plants thrive! Their exhibit is called Aloha Aina: A Return to Life with the Land, and it is a striking interpretation of the Hawaii theme. You can listen to a podcast about how the students conceived, designed, and built their exhibit by clicking here.

Students from the Delaware Valley College, Department of Natural Resources and Bio-systems Management invite you to venture underneath a mountain stream to see a world teeming with life! Their exhibit is titled World Beneath Our Feet, and it reminds visitors to reflect upon the necessity of these often unseen systems of plants, animals and soils to sustain life.

The students at Williamson Free School of Mechanical Trades worked hand-in-hand with experts from Colonial Williamsburg to create a garden  called American Roots: A Williamsburg Colonial Kitchen Garden.

The exhibit has heirloom vegetables, espalier fruit trees, and an herb garden—all enclosed in a rustic wood fence. Stop to admire the era-appropriate tools in this well-researched display.

W.B Saul High School of Agricultural Sciences students take an interesting approach to this year’s theme by reminding visitors that today’s Hawaiian paradise began with the arrival of plants brought from Polynesian islands. Their exhibit is called “Ka Māla: The Canoe Garden” because it prominently features a student-made canoe representing the canoes full of tropical plants that were originally brought to Hawaii from the Polynesian islands. Three courses at the school collaborated for this ambitious project.

The Horticulture Academy at Abraham Lincoln High School has created an exhibit that highlights green walls and their utility in public transportation. Titled On the Right Track: Going Vertical, the exhibit features a SEPTA station decked out with green walls (also called living walls, eco-walls or vertical gardens).

We applaud the efforts of these students! Great work!

Mantis Makes it Happen at the Flower Show

March 3, 2012

You know Mantis, makers of the oh-so-popular mini-tiller/cultivator. In 2012 Mantis is continuing its support of PHS as an official sponsor of the Flower Show.

Recognizing that the Show is the perfect place to reach a large audience of passionate gardeners, Mantis introduced its new Deluxe Tiller/Cultivator today on the Flower Show floor! This newly designed tiller has all the advantages of the original Mantis tiller, plus new features to make creating and maintaining your garden even easier.

If you want to see this buzzed-about deluxe tiller yourself, come to the Show. And if you instantly know this is something you simply must have, click here to purchase.

In addition to top-of-the-line products, Mantis is offering an assortment of educational opportunities to Flower Show guests. Kerry Ann Mendez will lead a presentation called Easy, Garden-Transforming Soil Tips for Bodacious Vegetable and Flower Gardens in the Gardener’s Studio on Wednesday, March 7, at 2 pm.

Then, at 5 pm, the funny, full-of-knowledge Mia Mengucci will discuss ways to make composting less of a labor (and more of a labor of love). A Pennsylvania-certified horticulturist and PHS volunteer, Mia speaks passionately about plants, recycling, and how compost can be “black gold” for your garden.

Once you’ve sat in on the Gardener’s Studio, pop over to The Canoe Garden, an exhibit created by W. B. Saul High School and sponsored by Mantis. There you’ll take a step back in history to learn more about Hawaii’s early flora and some of the plants that continue to make up the island landscape today.

One final note: Mantis is offering some tremendous Flower Show specials. Receive a free kickstand, border edger attachment, handy item (tune-up) kit and free shipping (over a $100 dollar value) with the purchase of any Mantis gasoline-powered tiller/cultivator. Plus, all Mantis tiller attachments are 50% off during the show. PHS Members receive an additional 10% off all Mantis purchases–this discount alone could pay for your 2012 PHS Membership!

To learn more about all of the above and much more, visit the Mantis folks at Marketplace Booth 818 & 918 during the 2012 Flower Show.

The W.B. Saul High School exhibit at the 2012 Flower Show

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